Middle management and workplace cultural shift – at a well-known household brand


Recently, a client needed to develop their middle management level. The client’s traditional culture was “very top-down, little delegation and empowering of staff to speak up in case of problems or to take responsibility for innovation and process improvements”. One particular region also saw the arrival of a new General Manager (GM). Together with the HR Director, appointed recently, the client saw a strong need to transform their middle management. As a key element to support business strategy, the GM intended to produce a radical shift in workplace culture fostering enhanced proactivity, taking responsibility, being solution-oriented with entrepreneurship. TPCL was asked to build management awareness, skills and behaviours capable of supporting this change.


The initial objectives were to equip participants with Leadership Development & People Management skills. Further programmes included Cultural Transformation & Change Management to impact a bigger group. In consultation with TPCL, the client understood the need to invigorate and transform their working culture.

Our approach

In addition to running leadership development workshops, we also introduced a blended learning approach using, self-guided pre-reading/videos, post-workshop action learning sets, team training and 1:1 coaching using a mix of in-person and online interventions. Having so far run 4 cohorts for people managers, the client has increased the number of participants to be included. We have provided concrete tools to the teams to enhance leadership & people management, which has significantly helped support in revitalizing the company’s culture as described earlier.


  • Equipped people managers with fresh mindsets as they adapt their style of leadership with positive new ways of working and improved leadership and people management practices.
  • Challenging participants perceptions on working agile remotely, with positive outcomes
  • Created a common language in terms of leadership and people management.
  • Regular feedback reviews show it is evident TPCL is meeting expectations. This is made possible through a good level of trust, transparency and quality of connections.

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