Leadership development for a global consulting company – Case Study


Our client, a global consulting company, wanted to look at the different forms of leadership and particularly how leadership and coaching combine, in order to be stronger influencers and coaches in their global Partner roles. TPC Leadership were able to build a learning journey, delivered globally around their set of desired outcomes. The program was designed to be very relevant to their culture and the context. It was practical and deployable, the skills learnt were applied immediately into their day-to-day work.


Business context & drivers for the organisation

The leadership team would rotate global roles, a practice not uncommon in many professional services companies.  In such a situation with rotating roles, it is tough to instruct your peers and colleagues and sustain a hierarchical structure. Added to this, are the frustrations of having to perform these leadership roles aside from their day-to-day client work.

The company was exploring different forms of leadership and specifically how leadership and coaching combine, in order to be stronger influencers and coaches in these rotating, global roles. They particularly wanted to look at how leadership drives creativity, ownership and responsibility.


Objectives/required outcomes for the client

  • Upskill leadership capability
  • Help leaders drive more ownership and responsibility into the organisation
  • Create more of a coaching culture
  • Enable more creativity



TPC Leadership built a learning journey, delivered globally by eight highly skilled facilitators around their set of outcomes. Leaders could select from programs run six to eight times per year.

Program Overview

  • The program began with a virtual pre-workshop interview/coaching session for each participant with a TPC Leadership trainer/coach
  • One-day workshop run by TPC Leadership – covering the concept of authentic leadership, the distinction between coaching and leading, how to have difficult conversations and create insight from feedback and coaching
  • TPC Leadership assisted in running a post-workshop action learning session
  • Each person had an (optional) coaching session

The training was designed to be very interactive and relevant to the participants day-to-day roles as well as the culture and context they were coming from. We utilised role plays/real plays and ensured the content was brought back to the practical day-to-day to ensure maximum impact. Every participant walked away with specific personalised action plans that they committed to and that they were coached on and could be deployed immediately in their leadership roles.

Although the program was run predominantly in English, TPC Leadership used local facilitators who spoke the local languages as well. By having one lead facilitator travel globally, we were able to onboard all local facilitators, ensuring uniformity and commonality in all programs based on the same outputs.



Participants left the program with a specific personalised action plan to which they had committed and received coaching. The program was very relevant to their culture and the context that people were faced with. It was very practical and deployable and participants were able to apply the skills learnt immediately to their day-to-day.

The leaders in these global roles felt more equipped to be able to galvanise their colleagues to deliver on required objects, to have the difficult conversations that previously they had avoided having. They left the program feeling more competent and confident around their leadership and coaching.


Client testimonial

100% of participants said they would recommend the program to their colleagues

88% of participants at the last training felt that the training was Very Relevant or Relevant to their roles and development needs

“Very valuable, practical training that all our managers & leaders should attend as part of their obligatory curriculum!”

 “An eye opener, we need to get better at this as well as feedback, we simply need some of our own medicine, even we need good and brave leaders.”


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