How to re-energize a new team – case study


Business context & drivers for the organisation to do the project

The organisation was undergoing a reorganisation and restructuring impacting different teams. The strategic marketing team leader wanted her restructured team to be reenergized, to get in touch with the value they bring to the organisation, to understand the new scope and translate this into a new vision & mission. The team needed clarity on the roles they were going to play, their responsibilities and their positioning within the new structure as they had lost scope, resources, and people due to the restructuring and were left feeling marginalised. Roles they had previously had, were now with another team. To prevent complaints resulting from confusion, and to ensure a healthy new team structure kick-off, the organisation felt it important to partner with TPC Leadership sooner, than later, even though the timing was far from ideal.

Objectives / required outcomes for the client

  • Embracing the new beginning and setting the team up for success.
  • Understanding the new scope and translating it in a new vision & mission.
  • Become a stronger team, spending time together, getting to know each other better
  • Understand their purpose and what their roles & responsibilities are in the new structure and defining their new position in the organisation to share with the organisation.
  • Mutual appreciation and recognition of each role and contribution
  • Alignment on how to bring value to the rest of the organization and their purpose
  • Clarity on how to collaborate


In four x 2hr virtual sessions with intermediate assignments, TPCL delivered a Team Development program to 14 participants on Building an Effective Team. The participants were able to reflect on the impact of the recent changes while exploring ambitions of the team. By setting the scope and establishing parameters they were able to align their scope, priorities & processes, establishing a new team vision & mission and most important were re-energised and proud of their team. TPCL was a thought partner, taking the team leader and team by the hand, helping them navigate this turbulent change being imposed and tackling the frustrations soon in the program. As TPCL had partnered with the organisation at higher levels in the past, TPCL were consultants and intermediaries in smoothing the path to a better relationship with another team, where healthier collaboration was required, by helping them with the new ways of working together. TPCL challenged the team to embrace change even if not fully convinced by it and how to relate to the change and to question what responsibilities it would provide. The team were encouraged to voice their defined roles by creating an elevator& pitch on the value, purpose and position they bring as a restructured team, as preparation to explain their team and their roles to the rest of the organisation.


Based on the participant polls on how much clarity they now had regarding their roles & responsibilities and the energy boost they felt they derived from the program, there was good evidence of success. Although the team initially needed convincing about the potential of virtual coaching, being a large team of 14, and initially the participants would meet together for a full day, now not an option due to lockdowns, all were in awe at the amount  quality of output generated in the 4 sessions. The team demonstrated a strong mutual appreciation of each other & roles and much needed clarity on how to collaborate, with a renewed energy boost.

Client testimonial

“…exciting, fun, effective – we had never expected to achieve so much in virtual sessions and in such a short time!”

“what an amazing job you did with these sessions. I am totally bought into online facilitation after this. Everyone has the same air time and can express themselves, and doing it over several days helps reflect and keep momentum. I highly recommend it! ” Marketing director at client

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