Global leadership for a global marketplace

In the global marketplace it is imperative that organisational leaders know how to cross boundaries and cultures smoothly, while maintaining their identity within a global context.

Our global and international leadership development solutions are designed to support leaders to develop the knowledge, skills and mindset to work globally.

Leadership in the global environment requires numerous skills across many levels. Any programme can be completely tailored to your needs, but below is a description of the areas we can address.

Personal Leadership

When working in a global environment, it’s important for leaders to retain a sense of their own identity while understanding their response to different cultures, beliefs and ways of working. Our approach involves, for example: developing confidence to work transculturally; recognising and overcoming unconscious biases; and clarifying personal values in relationship to different cultural indices.

Relational Leadership

Confidence in a global role requires leaders to develop relationships underpinned by an appreciation of cultural variance and an acute sense of how to leverage differences. Our global leadership solutions involve, for example: understanding how to lead through and with others in international environments; developing culturally appropriate interpersonal skills; cultural and emotional intelligence; and ensuring intent and impact do not become confused.

Team Leadership

Team performance in a global context offers unique challenges, and different leadership approaches are required to navigate them. Effective leadership requires, for example, skills such as: the development of global team working practices; collaborative working practices and the creation of global partnerships with local organisations; and knowing how to maximise virtual team performance.

Systemic Leadership

At the systems level, leadership in the global context encompasses an appreciation of the changing face of global business while understanding how to mobilise effort to capitalise on global opportunities. Our approach may involve, for example: understanding and promoting a systems view; engaging local accountability for global practices; and addressing issues such as talent management and development opportunities from a global perspective.

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