First-line leaders programme – case study from the ‘EMEA’ region


Business context and drivers

The aim of this on-going programme is to support emerging and future leaders to make the transition from being an individual contributor, expert in technical knowledge or skills, to becoming a leader and enabler of others.

TPCL has been working with this global client on a long term program for numerous years, ensuring its current and applicable as the emerging leaders adapt to new working environments. This program has further developed into working with their subsidiary in the digital consulting space where leaders operate in a very fast-moving working environment.

Our approach

Maintaining a faculty to deliver the workshop six (6) times/year in person and translating online with additional 1:1 coaching to embed their learning.

The workshops cover ‘understanding yourself as a leader’, leading others and leading under pressure, uncertainty and change.

Key objectives

  • Enhance capability in leading others
  • Embed the learning and best practises across the organisation
  • Shift in mindset and developing self-confidence

Feedback from the client indicates that participants:

  • Are more effective at delegating and setting clear expectations for performance
  • Are better able to recognise and leverage strengths in their team members
  • Are more confident at handling difficult conversations and feedback
  • Have a clear vision about themselves as a leader, the values that drive them, and the behaviours to put their vision into action
  • Understand their patterns in responding to stress and have strategies for maintaining performance and actively managing their resilience
  • Feel supported to embed their learning and put new behaviours developed into practice

“The 3-days-leadership-part run by the TPCL facilitators has been the best-rated elements of the program. While participants still miss the live-in-person element, they have been surprised how much you can still advance your level-of-leadership virtually”, Senior L&D Manager

To learn more about this case or other interventions of relevance for your organisation don’t hesitate to get in touch

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