Are organisations asking themselves the right leadership questions?


At the moment, companies are having a tough time: a wave of new technologies, social changes plus the COVID-19 pandemic. For many companies, the question is not only how they can keep their organization running financially and socially, but also how they can best focus on the future.

According to Frouke Horstmann (managing partner TPCL Netherlands) and Annelieke Jense (managing partner TPCL Global), there are different expectations when it comes to human and sustainable leadership and organizational culture. Other skills will also be required of employees in the near future, according to Horstmann. “We see that the speed of responding to the market, flexibility, innovation, the ability to handle or initiate changes and a ‘business sense’, from secretary to CEO, are important. Regardless of whether your business is thriving or in dire straits due to COVID-19. The importance of these essential skills will only increase. There is a strong appeal for answers “how do you interact with your people, how do you keep your remote team engaged and motivated, and what is the broader impact of your work and the organization?”

Does your organization have the people and capacity to meet what is needed in the future, Jense continues. “What are you going to invest in as a company, the current competency development or the future? It is important that you upskill your people. The pandemic has shown that much is required of a good leader. He / She is now even more of a facilitator of innovation and creativity in the organization and also takes care of the well-being of the team members. The steadfastness of the new mindset and skills makes or breaks the success of transformation. ”

“We give companies a pause button by means of culture transformations, guiding (team) leaders and their teams, round table discussions and walk about journeys,” according to Horstmann. “A moment of reflection to see what is really happening within your organization. During our interventions, in which we facilitate collaboration, people’s behaviours are visible and thus also what needs to be changed. Leading a company into the future are an innovative mindset and a culture that clearly shows which values are needed, so that the necessary qualities come to light. This is not only essential for our customers, but also for TPC Leadership. ”

Now is the time to invest in your leaders and a sustainable organizational culture. Are you and your organization ready for change and to close the skills gap?

@Copyright  TPC Leadership (2020). Based on an interview by TPCL Partners’ Frouke Horstmann and Annelieke Jense – for leading newspaper and magazine ‘Het Financeele Dagblad’, published on 26/08/2008.

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