In the last fifty years, the business field has benefitted from a large amount of academic research into the most effective leadership styles, qualities and traits.

The consistent finding is that no single leadership model can be effective for every organisation.

Leadership models and frameworks need to be strongly linked to the strategy and culture of the organisation in order to boost engagement, performance and results.

As specialists in the leadership field, we can work with you to create the leadership model that will bring you the best results.

Our bespoke leadership models comprise three key components, ensuring they become a living part of your organisational culture:

  • Leadership competencies – Defining common skills and behaviours that your leaders need to demonstrate, with different levels according to their roles
  • Leadership Values – Defining principles, beliefs and priorities that your leaders can use as a reference when managing people and making decisions
  • Model Applications – Defining the HR processes and tools that will help you enable and sustain the right behaviours over time.

Embedding your leadership model

A leadership model is not a stand-alone theory to refer to. In fact, it is often the case that leadership models are so complex that leaders struggle to embed them into their everyday management practices.

This is why, even in the early stages of its development, we work to ensure that your leadership model can be easily:

  • Understood by your leaders and applied to the way they lead themselves and their teams, departments or organisations
  • Embedded in your performance management processes and routines
  • Used to assess current leadership competencies of your talents and leaders
  • Applied to appraise the leadership potential of your people to ensure you have the right leaders in the right positions within your organisation.

To make this possible, we work closely with your leaders and HR team to find the best ways in which to embed the new model into day-to-day working practices.

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