In this 3rd episode of the Leadership Sessions, we explore curious boldness, leading teams and winning awards for innovation during COVID, perspectives on the new normal, and differences between private “houses” and public companies, with host Tom Van Dyck and Karl Lechat, previously Managing Director for Skoda in Belgium and now heading bicycle development initiative at D’Ieteren in Belgium

On curious boldness:

“Be curious in everything that you do”

“Integrate this aspect of curious boldness, go a bit further than yourself, learn, step out of your comfort zone, do something different, challenge yourself, don’t take life for granted, go and get it, don’t have any regrets…”

On team leadership:

“The speed of the group is the speed of the slowest group member”

“It’s about taking the ego out of the conversation”

“Give people the chance to do something and make mistakes”

“To maintain this (group of companies) over 200 years, you need to have respect for the people and help them grow”

On handling Covid:

“Always have a plan B because if you don’t, plan A won’t happen!”

“I’m an optimist, everything will always be a little bit different, it’s Darwin at the end of the day!”

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