Blog post by Brigitte Lipschutz, PhD. Developing a growth mindset.

Leadership development is grounded in the idea that it is possible to change in a significant way. Many people however do not really believe change is possible. Executive coaches often hear their clients say things like “I’m too old to change”, “this is my personality”, “this is who I am”, “he/she has been promoted to the level of his/her incompetence”.

In our free webinar “Can I change? Yes I can!”,  Brigitte Lipschutz, PhD, talks about the importance of believing it is possible to change (i.e. having a “growth mindset”) for actual change to happen and about the neuroscience that makes change possible.

She tells you about neuroplasticity – the fact that everything you do, think or feel changes your brain. There is also an explanation on how you can use the principles of neuroplasticity to create a personalized brain training for your own development needs. Throughout the webinar examples are given of the idea of developing a “growth mindset”.

You can watch the webinar on Youtube.