In this episode of The Leadership Sessions, Tom Van Dyck and Cécile Rénier discuss the controversial nature of negative role models, the importance of having a clear vision of leadership impact, and the benefits of diverse thinking  and understanding what is triggering the vision of others.

The Leadership Sessions is a podcast series of captivating conversations with exceptional leaders from around the world sharing their insights, experiences, thoughts, and personal opinions about what leadership means and what it takes to be effective. 

Tom Van Dyck, Senior Partner at TPC Leadership. Cécile Rénier, Vice President Europe Customer Support & Success at Wolter Kluwer. 

TPC Leadership is a dynamic global partnership specialising in leadership solutions that deliver cultural transformation and financial impact. With offices around the world, covering 100+ countries, a network of 350+ partners, consultants and associates from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, TPC Leadership delivers transformational leadership solutions in service of people and business results.

Wolters Kluwer is a global leader in information services and solutions for professionals in the health, tax and accounting, risk and compliance, finance and legal sectors.

Inter-generational diversity and embracing differences

On your personal take on leadership:

  • “leadership is a journey, at the beginning of your career you can read about it but you also have to learn what resonates with you to build your own vision with experience”

  • “you clearly have a purpose, you clearly have a goal that you want to achieve, but the journey can be really different, depending on the people you encounter during that journey”

  • “modeling helps us to really shape who we want to become, I believe I have grown more with negative models than positive ones, because they have really helped me understand what I wanted at the end of the day”

On authentic leadership:

  • “the reality is that we are ourselves, we must always remember who we are, and stick to the personality that we have”

  • “create awareness for people to be aware of themselves and to be aware of others. With that awareness you can pick and choose, like being in a library, what is the book that you want? You’re aware that you have different types of books. So which ones do you want to pick?”

  • “being authentic, and your dedication, needs to go together”

On authenticity and impact

  • “the goal is impact… disregard your level in a company, and disregard your level of empowerment, because it’s really about your clear vision of impact”

  • “You need to be who you are, do not pretend to be anyone else…

  • “leadership implies as well, authenticity and dedication, authenticity and a purpose”

On diversity

  • “For me, diversity is about really trying to understand what others are thinking. Why do they say what they’re saying?”

  • “We all come from different backgrounds, we are all living different moments even if it is at the same time. And therefore, we can have different visions of the same topic”

  • “Going beyond my own vision and understanding what is triggering the vision of others, integrating that diverse thinking into the way we are addressing or solving issues”

  • “Sometimes, in some companies or in some thinking, we are losing the richness of intergenerational diversity”

  • “I think that younger versus senior really provides differences that are so enriching and can really help everyone; the younger Dyckto grow, and the more senior to have more impact”