Woman  you run the World!

Woman you stun the World!

You are Unique, You are you, You need no evidence,

You need no proof!

You can instill life in dead,

You can still have doubts in your head,

But you have a life full of joy ahead!

Take some Charge, Make some Change,

There is nothing on this earth,  which isn’t in your range!

These words aren’t new, These words are just a few.

Hear your inner voice, Make a choice,

Take a leap, No one shall weep.

Woman you run the world!

Woman you stun the world! 

–Inspired by our work with women from various walks of life.

We thoroughly enjoy enabling women talent soar higher, by partnering with them as coaches & facilitators.

Last year, we were asked by one of the renowned IT global consultancies to  facilitate navigation of vision, goals & plans for their high performing women employees over a period of few months. Few of the participants, had already assumed leadership roles, others were on the path of becoming one. They wanted them to be a notch higher with communication, influencing skills and innovation.

And we ran a journey called “Wings of Women” spread across a few months enabling them with not just organizational goals but also private goals, so that we work with them holistically. We initiated the analysis through 360 degree surveys & stakeholder interviews; the above needs were validated. When we dived deeper through group & individual coaching. From the common themes we realized there is much more occurring, like below themes.

  1. Self Confidence & Self Esteem
  2. Assertiveness- Ability to say ‘NO’
  3. Networking & Connecting to Influence
  4. Dealing & leading different personalities
  5. Building Resilience to manage Stress

Which we realised were building blocks to take them closer to their and organisational vision.

Our team concluded, it needs a whole lot of algorithm to assist our women coachees, reach their highest potential, and hence our approach encompassed;

  • Transactional Analysis,
  • Neuro linguistic Programing
  • Sports Psychology
  • Positive Psychology
  • Mindfulness
  • And for sustainability – Buddy Coaching

Beyond this, the group coaching was conducted on Visualising the desired state, Discovering their self brilliance, Design Thinking & Delivering the message with Impact, that allowed them to take leaps on their journey of evolution.

Everytime during the one on one & group session, they experienced a shift. Soon the wider system, started noticing the difference too through their actions.

Through Group & individual coaching, the clients started coming up with various ideas of extending their networks beyond their teams. Connecting & communicating in organizational forums that matter. They felt empowered to take actions towards their vision, goals & plans that they envisaged during this journey. Some who weren’t able to find meaning in what they were doing, rediscovered it and rekindled with their passion with current possessions at work & life. Feeling more resilient, managing stress and utilising it to their benefit.

Now we are told, that they are making all the difference by

  • Initiating & leading change
  • Innovating & projecting their authentic self
  • Influencing wider system for positive impact.

The momentum is still on, even when this intervention is over, they continue to enable each other through Buddy Coaching.

Post the journey some of the coachees had to say, when approached for sharing their experiences post program ;

  • “It has made me  a strong individual in all roles as a professional as a mother and as a daughter”-Buddying Manager
  • “Empowered” – Better control over emotions, more focused towards goals and think through the ways and means to achieve the goals in a timely manner.I realized how important it was to think about myself. Lack of self care and respect led to dissatisfaction which I realized and have started caring for myself in addition to care of others”- CA, Finance Controller
  • “Change of perspective with regards to approach of dealing with different people, learnt prioritizing, overcoming the fear which was just an imaginary object in the mind. This program has been a great learning experience overall.” –Sr Engineer
  • “Communicate effectively and learn to negotiate without compromising on one’s need.” Sr Engineer
  • “During WOW I picked up work pieces which were left in the middle due to internal interference. Gave logical end initiative.- “Buddying Leader
  • “The self discovery assessments, coaching, visualization and meditation techniques were great”- HR Manager

We are glad that this client even received “The Best Place to Work for Women” award recently.

Looking at the success, their organization is desiring to create a “Culture of Coaching”. We are now looking forward to enable them create their “Leaders as Coaches”, democratizing it further by running coaching cafes & creating Buddy coaches within.

The TPC Leadership team serving this client, comprised of organizational development practitioners, ICF-ACC to MCC coaches, EMCC practitioners and HR consultants. One of the program directors, Pooja Dawra, guided the group with Mindfulness & designing techniques, that allowed both mystical & pragmatic traction towards the goals .

About the Author-

Deep Ahuja Sharma, is one of the partners at TPC leadership who believes in positively enabling leaders, teams & organizations to be their best versions. She believes in power of diversity, “Inclusivity” harnessing wisdom of all. She enjoys co creating impactful & sustainable solutions for her clients with global & local team. Always thriving for a WOW experience for her clients. Her clients include Automotive Giants, Aviation & hospitality, Global management consultancies, Global & Local NGOs, Technology Consultancies, Logistics, Education, Media & Consumer Electronics, Defense, E Commerce, Healthcare and Wellness.

She holds Executive MBA in HR from IIM L, NLP, TA, EMCC, ICF Certified Leadership & Team Coach| Internationally certified Train the Trainer | Instructional Designer| Caliper Competency Potential Practitioner. always developing her skills to serve her clients with qualitative impact.

Share with us how are you enabling your Women @ Work soar higher, this International Women’s Day?

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