It was a small ray of light on day 1… but day two became a light to look within me… it came beaming…

And day 3, it seemed the light was all with in… it was never outside…

Coaching might be a profession to some, inspiring to others, but mostly it is discovery of oneself with others… with or without coaching them… it is a journey one takes within themselves and reach the highest perspective in their oneness game.

The time we take to think, listen, understand & self talk makes us realise there’s so much already in there and all the answers lies with in.

By the end of day two, there were things I discovered about myself… may be known to others and not to myself.

It’s hard to wrap up in words of art… but let me tell you it definitely seems patience is a virtue I need to work further on… inner game seemed a big bulb.

The diamond within was discovered with figures & numbers… creative mentors… were amazing to explore.

The best was the feeling pair day 3… after exploring all the goodness within 🙂

Trust me I haven’t done much practice… but the best is… Hypothesis 😉 exploring oneself with others.

From the aspiring coach, for one and all.

These were the feelings drafted post 1st 3 day session!

Special thanks to Jaya & Deep!

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