Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is about thinking of yourself less. – C.S Lewis

One thing that strikes our head as soon as we talk about both leadership and humility is that are you trying to intersect parallel lines?

A leader is expected to be a strong personality especially when the entire organisation is monitored by the decisions taken by the leader and humility is the trait that helps an individual to recognise and admit his or her weaknesses. This acceptance does not necessarily have to be in front of people, but at least in front of the person in the mirror.

A true leader displays a quiet confidence and not just blatant arrogance. Humility is an essential trait that can help magnify all the other positive attributes of an individual. If humility does not reside in a leader’s character, it diminishes the potential outcome and effect of all the other positive traits.

It’s interesting how the idea of the application of emotional intelligence is essential in effective leadership. Emotional intelligence revolves around the perceiving, understanding, managing and utilising emotions to enhance effectiveness and thought. Do you see how this beneficial management of emotions cannot be dealt with absence of humility?

The main idea is to empower others along with self to take the entire organisation further and this comes with approaching steps towards humility to strike the right balance of emotional intelligence and effective leadership.

Where pride has started residing, humility rejects to live. Where pride is lying to oneself to continue living in a bubble of self centric thoughts, humility is the truth that accepts the reality of the world and oneself. What sounds more appropriate to you in a life which always has ups and downs? Without doubt it is acceptance of humility and rejection of pride.

The social acceptance of a leader possessing humility in his behaviour and actions is much more than the people who use the tactics of disrespect to humiliate and intimidate. The quiet confidence and humble attitude with a welcoming approach to the ideas and thoughts of others results in a magnet like attraction and builds a true leader aura that persists lifelong.

Humility does not necessarily have to be an inherent trait, it can be a quality gained and trained with the will of acceptance and self guidance or with the help of others. Once the idea has been sown in the thought process, the fruitful tree will not be far enough.


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