Organisational Leadership

Lead your organisation towards a shared goal

Our systems have the power to make daily business feel like mere activity or meaningful progress. Good organisational leadership enables us to adopt a wider, fuller perspective that is underpinned by holistic understanding of an organisation and its people.

Organisational leadership recognises the impact of complex interdependent systems, understanding that answers lie within the way they correlate and interact. 

We will work with you to create a programme that suits your organisational needs. If there are any topics you are interested in tackling that are not listed below, we are happy to discuss them with you as we design your programme.

Our Solutions for Organisational Leadership Development

Strategy Development

Develop your strategy

We’ll deconstruct the importance of strategy, its place alongside vision, mission and plans, and how it can drive your organisation in its purpose. We'll explore how to engage others in both the development and the implementation of the strategy so they feel empowered and motivated.

Strategy Articulation

Articulate your strategy

We'll work with you on the techniques for infusing the strategy throughout the organisation so each team and leader can see how they can play their part - and turn their ideas into actions.


Unearth your organisational purpose

Organisational purpose is the motivating force moving, guiding, and delivering the organisation to a perceived goal. You cannot invent it. It is woven from your organisation’s founders and successors, your unwritten culture and decision making processes. We help you to articulate your organisational purpose and use it as your guiding principle at all levels in the organisation.

Organisational Design

Analyse your organisational design

Organisational leadership structures, processes and KPIs too often reinforce unhelpful behaviours. Although they are designed to increase efficiency, reduce risk or support strategic direction, they can have unintended side effects. We work with you to uncover these behavioural consequences and to reimagine organisational design to support the right mindset.

Engaging the organisation

Engage your organisation

Many companies measure their workforce engagement. But we help leaders ensure this is not a 'tick in the box' exercise, but a real force for transformation. Together we discuss how to work on your organisation’s levers and create a sustainable leadership culture where teams thrive.

Culture, Values and Corporate Reputation

Culture, Values and Corporate Reputation

It is vital for leaders to learn how to embrace cultural differences and use them proactively to build a strong, motivated team. Creating a shared set of values for the organisation can bring everyone together, driving for the same goals and objectives while allowing each individual to take ownership of the process.


Governance, policies and procedures

When the people affected by policies and procedures take accountability for their design and implementation, they are far more likely to work with them instead of against them. We’ll help your leaders to work closely with people, collaborating on ideas and input and helping them to own their own policies and procedures.

Managing Crisis

Lead through crisis

Managing a crisis starts when there is no crisis - we help leaders recognise the early warning signals that almost always precede one. Leaders will understand the importance of personal character, corporate culture, leveraging an organisational ecosystem and how to learn from previous experiences e.g. the Covid-19 pandemic.

Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive Leadership

Inclusion is behavioural. Everyone has biases that influence their beliefs and behaviours - but they can be mitigated. Through inclusive leadership awareness workshops or transformational redesign of key decision-making processes, we’ll work with you to enable the right behaviours.


Strengths based leadership

Leaders working with a strength-based pay attention to what already works, appreciate their impact and explore opportunities to implement their strengths elsewhere. People using their strengths are three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life and are six times more likely to be engaged in their jobs. On average they are 7.8% more productive and their organisations are 8.9% more profitable.

Technology and Humanity

Technology and humanity

“The only way to forecast the future is to create it yourself" (Abraham Lincoln). Artificial intelligence and machine learning are beginning to have a huge impact on people and work. We explore how they can support your organisation’s purpose. what new skills are required in this new landscape, and how leaders can help people whose work has been dramatically changed by technology. We support your organisation as it moves into uncharted territory and addresses the fear that comes with it for many.

Internal Coach Development

Internal Coach Development

Our coach training programmes are accredited with ICF, EMCC and ILM and are ideal for leaders, teams and organisations seeking to use a coaching approach to leadership

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