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choosing a coach

15 signs a coach can deliver what they claim

By Charles Brook | September 14, 2018

In theory the first sign should be a qualification. ICF, EMCC, ILM and the Association for Coaching are the main accrediting bodies for leadership coaches. They all exist to uphold …

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Active Listening

Active Listening: how often as coaches and leaders do we reflect on our listening skills?

By TPC Leadership | June 18, 2015

The term listening and especially active listening can easily be bandied about without consideration of the actual ingredients, let alone the complexities of delivering it consistently within the coaching environment. …

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Relational Leadership

Managing transference and countertransference

By TPC Leadership | July 7, 2014

Within a coaching relationship, unchecked transference can hinder the ability to hold positive regard and a nonjudgemental position and research has found it is often the cause of the deterioration …

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Personal leadership

Can I change? Yes I can!

By TPC Leadership | September 30, 2013

Blog post by Brigitte Lipschutz, PhD. Developing a growth mindset. Leadership development is grounded in the idea that it is possible to change in a significant way. Many people however …

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leadership in complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty

Leadership in complexity, ambiguity and uncertainty

By TPC Leadership | September 23, 2013

Agile leadership is important in today’s organisations as we no longer live or work in a stable environment where best practice delivers the best results. Instead we live in an …

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team leadership

Small team leadership: the forgotten art?

By Charles Brook | September 23, 2013

Blog post by David Webster from The Centre for Teams If the 2007 crash taught us anything, it was that small groups of people can have a huge impact on others. …

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Developing your leadership attitude through a mentorship program

By TPC Leadership | September 23, 2013

Leadership, as an act of social influence, is not related to a defined leadership role, but it is more related to an internal journey we can take as individuals – …

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A challenge too far? Who says?

By TPC Leadership | June 24, 2013

In this guest post, Fi Macmillan looks at challenge – the ‘door of possibility’ – in the coaching relationship. Enough nicely, nicely. It’s time for coaches to challenge more, and …

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How do we lead?

By TPC Leadership | June 5, 2013

In this blog post, Andrea Cardillo – managing partner of TPC Leadership Italy – outlines some important questions that are key to co-creating an effective leadership development intervention. Understanding leadership models …

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