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coaching vs. consultancy

Leadership coaching versus leadership consultancy

By Charles Brook | July 23, 2019

In this blog, TPC Leadership’s Founder Charles Brook explores the differences between leadership coaching and leadership consultancy and when you might need each or indeed both. What kind of change …

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How to run better meetings

Better meetings start with questions, not agendas

By TPC Leadership | July 19, 2019

In our latest blog Vicky Ferrier, Associate Partner at TPC Leadership explores the reasons why meetings sometimes go awry and the steps we can take to run better more productive …

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Team vs group coaching

How is Team Coaching different from Group Coaching?

By Andrea Cardillo | July 10, 2019

“What is the difference between Team Coaching and Group Coaching?” HR Directors and professionals, like many students of our courses, get often confused by this subtle difference. This confusion may …

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Meaning and purpose

The link between happiness and purpose

By Charles Brook | February 27, 2019

Life is unpredictable. We never quite know what’s going to happen to us, even with the best laid plans. There are so many factors involved, so many unknowns. When you’re …

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reverse mentoring

Reverse Mentoring: Does it bridge the divide?

By Charles Brook | January 23, 2019

In an age of echo chambers and generational divide, reverse mentoring strides onto the scene, turning over hierarchies and proclaiming new strategies. The evolution of an idea A term first …

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choosing a coach

15 signs a coach can deliver what they claim

By Charles Brook | September 14, 2018

In theory the first sign should be a qualification. ICF, EMCC, ILM and the Association for Coaching are the main accrediting bodies for leadership coaches. They all exist to uphold …

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Active Listening

Active Listening: how often as coaches and leaders do we reflect on our listening skills?

By TPC Leadership | June 18, 2015

The term listening and especially active listening can easily be bandied about without consideration of the actual ingredients, let alone the complexities of delivering it consistently within the coaching environment. …

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Relational Leadership

Managing transference and countertransference

By TPC Leadership | July 7, 2014

Within a coaching relationship, unchecked transference can hinder the ability to hold positive regard and a nonjudgemental position and research has found it is often the cause of the deterioration …

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Personal leadership

Can I change? Yes I can!

By TPC Leadership | September 30, 2013

Blog post by Brigitte Lipschutz, PhD. Developing a growth mindset. Leadership development is grounded in the idea that it is possible to change in a significant way. Many people however …

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