A coach is always curious! Coaching mindset begins when the coach understands that the client knows best about his or her life and the session is about enabling the client reach a position, they wish to. A person is always responsible for the choices they make and so is the client for their life. A coach is an enabler who is always curious, open, flexible, non-judgmental and has full faith in the client’s potential. A coaching conversation is about ensuring the client gets where they aspire to with their choice and responsibility being their own and the coach enables them increase their awareness around what they are experiencing.

A coach is able to regulate his or her emotions and not jump on to solutions or conclusions on behalf of the client. Using his or her awareness and intuition to benefit the client is one way of taking forward a coaching session with the acceptance of the coach’s hypothesis being with the client.

A coach ensures continuous learning for themselves and learns from each session and each experience what they could do better next time. ICF ensures continued education for coaches at each level of credentialing as well as when one needs to renew their credentials along with providing opportunities like coach supervision and mentoring. This ensures a clean slate for the coach as well as gives them an opportunity for growth and heightened self-awareness while a coach enables a client with the same.

 At TPC leadership we not only support their clients by doing Coaching or their coaches by learning coaching tools, but also nurture their being by embodying the mindset needed to let them unlock their potential. Afterall, it’s not the problem, it’s the person you coach.

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