Why? Where is the need for it! Don’t I already have enough to do today then take on more of this for myself? This is the first thought that may come to you!

Here’s what happened when I included mindfulness in my everyday living post the outbreak of COVID 19 and the WFH began for others around my space. The one thing that changed is that I found time to do some self coaching. Yes, whilst we coach others around, how much are we spending time and energy wise on ourselves? I believe its continuous improvement and development of Self in our journey as a Coach. COVID taught me to cultivate contentment in the moment and escape the persistent striving we find ourselves caught up in on a regular basis. It taught me to be caring and mindful of self in midst of all that was happening around me day in and day out.

It shifted perspective. I showed up as more authentic and happy with self. Rather than anxiously wanting to finish an everyday routine task in order to get on with doing something else, after about a month or so, I began to take that regular routine and fully experience it like never before. I would put on some music and then do the dishes. I would meditate whilst cooking and so on. I would speak to a friend and sit in silence before a coaching session or sometimes even meditate before that so I am grounded and ready to support the client with my full presence and being and not distracted by other thoughts in the head.

Rather than treat this as a regular chore, I now created an entirely new experience by noticing every aspect of my actions. I felt the motion when sweeping the floor, sensed the muscles used when scrubbing the dishes, developed a more efficient way of wiping the platform/windows squeaky clean. I realised I became creative and discover new experiences within a familiar routine task. Learning was to immediately put that into practice in the zoom meetings with my clients and in the sessions with my coachees. My conversations shifted more in the space of being and connectedness in these tough times and it helped us both shift powerfully.

So, the Learning is instead of labouring through and constantly thinking about finishing the task, become aware of every step and fully immerse yourself in the progress. Take the activity beyond a routine by aligning yourself with it physically, mentally and spiritually. It helps build Presence, establishes Trust and Intimacy at deeper level with the Self. It supports direct communication with inner being by creating awareness and delight in what I love and learning to acknowledge what I don’t!! That’s powerful listening too!!

Mindful Appreciation

How do you get to appreciate and empathise with the Client is by bringing this entire experience alive in your Head and Heart when they complain about being burnt out with housework or trying to balance zoom calls beyond regular working hours. You are then holding hands virtually (without actually doing so) and able to connect to the Client by appreciating and making the session more mindful through some of these best practices. All one needs is intent and time to invest that energy into the supporting of the client. That is the how.
Now the what that im leaving you with so you reflect on what it takes for you to show up more mindful in these times (and all other times) to your client/s. Some questions for you to ponder are:
•  Have you ever thought about what life might be like without these things? Exercise, Meditation, call with friends/loved ones.
• Have you ever stopped to notice their finer, more intricate details? What each experience does to you?!!
•  Have you ever sat down and thought about the relationships between these things and how together they play an interconnected role in the functioning of our work and the way we show up to the world?
I invite you to sit in peace with yourself and reflect on what of this you can use in your own lives to be a more mindful Individual, Coach, or Leader! Happy Reflecting!!

Parineeta Mehra