“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress, working together is a success!” Henry Ford.

It was exactly how the Team Coaching Workshop began and progressed. TPCL conducted the Team coaching workshop in May 2020 with a group of ten participants. In order for a team to thrive, it must have a solid foundation, healthy integration of its members and a clear goal oriented focus. We collectively learnt that through different frameworks such as Clocks, Orid, RACI.

It began with what is Team coaching and how is it different from Group Coaching. Why is it important and how we can use it for Leaders we serve in the Corporate space.  The relevance of the ‘system in it and systemic view of working to progress on Organisation framework, goals and vison.

The workshop left us feeling clearer about the concept, understanding and tools to be explored in Team Coaching. The beauty of it was that we found an immediate opportunity to exercise the learning with a client. How does it get better than that!

We hope to be able to reach out to more client with this new offering in our box. And spread word of yet another powerful coaching in our toolkit. Given the COVID impact, Team coaching is likely to gain more attention as leaders work with remote teams and juggle to get productivity at par as earlier. Though honestly, productivity and benchmarks will need to be redefined in coming times. Teams would need regular touch points the keep growing together as a forest. This will be felt more as the future is unpredictable; so organised way of working in unorganised times and serving underserved teams that those that were working unattended earlier is likely to emerge as the need ahead.

That is what Team coaching addresses through the various models/matrixes in the framework. Going beyond group coaching to bring in alignment and synergy in ways of working alongwith accountability to the system that the team is part of ie whole system.


A peep into live team coaching scenario and how team coaching process works. Understand how strategies without involved team members slows down the speed of the boat.-Narsi

How factors like Leadership, structure, communication and team dynamics impact a team coaching scenario. Team coaching is in fact an intersection of team building, team facilitation and team development. How much of what depends on team constitution-Kamaldeep

Team Coaches need to be skilled at understanding, identifying and managing boundaries. A team coach should be finely attuned to the many relationships within the team/s.  This can be done through Psychological contracts done at start or mid-point (when needed). Focus on the whole. A team coach’s main goal is to facilitate learning for the team as a whole. The coach should find ways for team members to gain insights and practice different behaviours in the context of the teams and its goals.- Hemani

The tools and skillsets that enable a team coach to transform a group of people into a team. How to change the mindset of a team to work towards a common goal of supporting each other.-  Malini R.


“I enjoyed my Team Coaching journey with TPC Leadership” which was ably facilitated by Deep & Pooja. The entire experience was facilitated to make it utmost experiential, with peer learning and getting involved in live team coaching projects! I look forward to deepening my skills and learnings. I can see how team-coaching can make a huge difference in team synergy and smooth execution”.

Mrunal, Executive Coach – ACC

Ex-Core Team Member: IAF-India
Ex- Founding Managing Committee Member: ICF- Mumbai Chapter Faculty- Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

Dear Ms. Deep,

Thank you and your team, Pooja and Suman, so very much for the learning, support and guidance during the program. I learnt a lot not just about team coaching but also individual coaching and using facilitation during coaching. The environment created during the sessions was very conducive to sharing and learning. I loved the opportunity to create a live proposal for team coaching.
– Col. Ajay Chaudhari