Our World Needs Better Organizations and Different Leadership

Today’s unpredictable world, characterized by global challenges and constant change, requires better organizations and a different type of leadership.

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Leading with Purpose

We are passionate about enabling wise and skillful organizational leadership for people and the planet to thrive.


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The Answers To Your Toughest Challenges

Whether your organization is struggling to execute on strategies, rally its people or adapt to a changing environment, we can help you surface and address the underlying factors holding you back.

Strategies and desired culture can only find lasting traction when authentic purpose, values and mission lie at their heart.
For a culture to drive the behaviors your organization needs to thrive, you have to deconstruct the thinking and systems beneath it.

Strategies don’t lead to meaningful outcomes without effective collaboration. To take your teams’ performance beyond its current state, you need to uncover what isn’t working.

To execute on your strategy you need a different kind of leadership – one that enables everyone to perform and experiment intelligently in the face of the unknown.
If your desired culture is going to come into being and last, you need people to demonstrate the right behaviors at all levels of your organization.
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Solutions For High-Performing Organizations

TPC Leadership’s experts over the world offer bespoke, customizable and off-the-shelf programs to support organizations.

Leadership Development

Give your people new capacity to lead, enabling them to self-develop, find deeper meaning in what they do, and rise to their potential.

Cultural Change

Address the wider paradigms and systems that influence your people, so you can reliably deliver on strategy in the face of uncertainty.

Executive Leadership

Walk with us to navigate disruption, get alignment, and articulate a story to inspire your people to go beyond what they’ve known before.

Meet Some of Our Experts

TPC Leadership’s team is formed of locally-managed partnerships across the world.

Working with TPC Leadership

See how we partner with corporates, startups, medium-sized companies, non-profits, and public sector organizations across the globe, delivering leadership development, cultural change and executive leadership services.

Stories of Impact

TPC Leadership develops leaders with a heart for leaders AND their organisations. They are engaged and passionate in what they do. They focus on the individual, but will always keep the vision and objectives of the organisation into account.

Janna Kramer, Learning & Talent Development Leader


What I like about TPCL is that they commit to you. I know that my coach is actively listening. I know that he cares about his clients. I know that he hasn’t lost his appetite, nor his motivation, nor his interest.

David Sloman, Chief Executive

The Royal Free NHS Trust, United Kingdom

So they are real partners, you really think that you have someone beside you; really diverse team, very able to work with different cultures, very agile;  able to cope with ambiguity and complex environments ; really able to unleash the potential in individuals, teams and organizations.

Alessandra Stasi, Chief HR Officer


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