The world is getting flatter with organisations becoming more global and connected now than ever before. Consequently, managers are tasked with the complex challenge of having to lead diverse teams across different geographies, cultural divides, and generational gaps. This training instructs managers on how to navigate these complexities whilst equipping themselves to be a global leader.

Employees like to bring their whole-self to work.  Behaviours and actions of their managers and colleagues at times can be discouraging when their actions or statements "exclude" them directly or indirectly.  At most times these actions are unintentional.

Leaders who portray inclusiveness in the way they lead are more likely to provide a risk-free and conducive work environment. Organisations that promote an inclusive culture provide a platform for employees to be themselves, hence enhancing creativity, ingenuity and a feeling that they are being accepted for who they are and not what their "bosses" want them to be.  Organisations invest a lot of time and money to attract the best talent to their organisations and yet pay little attention to leaders who overlook a fundamental area of leading in an ever-growing diverse team.  Roles are expanded into managing teams across multiple countries, regions, and even the globe.

Policies that promote inclusion in the workplace are gaining prevalence - studies have shown that an inclusive workplace enhances employee engagement, which translates to creativity, teamwork and better productivity; hence a more profitable organisation.

Our programme is designed to explore how to lead diverse teams and promote inclusivity.

Participants should expect to:

  • bring their "whole self" to work and feel respected in a non-threatening environment
  • be more emotionally involved (committed) in their work
  • have an improved work-life balance
  • be able to focus on the bigger agenda if they are leaders, as diversity and cultural issues will no longer intrude
  • enable the organisation to build a strong culture of trust and respect, which in turn will make leadership easy