Management Training Courses

Enable your managers to unlock their potential

Underpinning good leadership skills and behaviours are the core skills required to be an effective manager.

We offer you 18 short courses which you can combine in any way you want to suit the needs of your organisation, or the people you want to train. Each course is intended to run for 1/2 day and can be delivered virtually or face to face.

We can also help you embed your managers' learning through our digital partnerships.

Presentation Skills


  • how to be an excellent communicator
  • key tools and techniques related to presentation skills
  • about your personal strengths and how to adapt your communication style
  • how to bring data to life through stories

Building and Maintaining Client Relationships


  • stakeholder management mapping
  • how to become a trusted advisor
  • how to influence with integrity
  • how to build lasting relationships

Giving and Receiving Feedback


  • how to give constructive feedback
  • the art of providing formal and informal feedback
  • how to identify opportunities for giving and receiving feedback
  • effective use of the SBI feedback model

Dealing with Difficult Conversations


  • how conflict can be constructive and positive
  • the impact of avoiding difficult conversations
  • how to conduct effective challenging conversations where both parties can benefit
  • the Thomas Kilmann conflict model

Influencing Skills


  • how people use different influencing styles
  • how to build exceptional rapport and relationships
  • how to identify somebody's convincer pattern
  • finding a win/win when in a negotiating position

Building Resilience


  • how to recognise your stress triggers
  • practical strategies to build resilience
  • techniques for minimising the negative impacts of stress
  • how to help yourself and others in periods of high stress

Managing Change


  • about the Change Curve and how to identify how people move through the curve
  • how to lead others through change
  • how to create a unified vision and path through change
  • strategies for navigating a path through change

Effective Delegation and Control


  • pros and cons of each working style
  • when and where to use each working style
  • effective delegation and techniques for delegating
  • delegating to different working styles

Leader as Coach


  • how to create a coaching mindset
  • coaching skills to apply in daily life
  • key coaching models
  • coaching in action with bite-sized coaching conversations

Setting and Managing Expectations


  • how to describe the current context
  • how to help others get clarity around deliverables and approach
  • contracting around effective ways of working
  • how to manage and flex around unforeseen circumstances

Creating your Leadership Vision


  • who your leadership role models are, and why
  • your leadership aspirations
  • your leadership values
  • how to create your elevator pitch as a leader

Delivery in Action


  • effective goal setting for optimal results achievement
  • effective prioritisation of tasks
  • time management
  • holding self and others to account
  • how to engage appropriate stakeholders and resources

Managing Performance and Developing Others


  • how to effectively evaluate performance, including strengths and areas for development
  • how to manage a constructive and effective development conversation
  • how to motivate and inspire your team member
  • how to create forward looking action plans

Working styles and effective relationships


  • to understand your working style and preferences
  • how to adapt your style to get the best from others
  • how to build and maintain effective relationships
  • how to deal with difficult situations

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving


  • key analytical tools and how to use them
  • how to develop structured thinking
  • effective story line creation
  • effective ways to communicate your thinking

Leading Effective Meetings


  • how to structure effective meetings
  • facilitating effectively
  • how to leverage the differences in your team
  • the importance of decision-making responsibilities and commitments

Strategic Insights


  • competitor landscape analysis
  • how to understand key drivers for the business
  • the importance of strategic imperatives
  • creation of compelling messages to lead others towards the vision

Networking and Building your Personal Brand


  • network mapping
  • how to recognise your personal brand and live it in action
  • how to prioritise actions to leverage your network
  • how to give a positive first impression and build on it

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