I believe Coaching is not a therapy yet it is therapeutic. Pure looking for huge potential in the client, and with that belief, listening itself can heal. Enabling the client realise their inner game, offers clarity amidst chaos through skillful enquiries.

coach with knowledge of NLP can support envisioning  of a compelling desired future through engaging 5 senses and help create a roadmap with plan a foreseeing challenges, and ways to overcome, if they follow GROW structure.

coach with knowledge of Positive Psychology and emotional intelligence can support big time in managing stress by enabling the coachee realise their strengths and charge them with resilience to overcome barriers.

coach with knowledge of Leadership Coaching Principles, can support leaders lead with presence and empathy, to enable them flex their styles for the changing VUCA world. Manage change amicably.

coach who has a knowledge of Team Coaching Principles, can support teams to re-unite, re-discover their purpose and huge potential as together they achieve more. Navigate them to redefine their vision, mission, values that suits the new normal.

And of course, they support their family and community stay sane in the storm by not always doing coaching yet just by being a coach.

Deep Ahuja Sharma – Managing Partner