Since January 2014 TPC Leadership have delivered a leadership programme for new managers at one of the top global consulting firms.


Business context & drivers for the organisation 

The aim of the programme is to support emerging and future leaders to make the transition from being an individual contributor, expert in technical knowledge or skills, to becoming a leader and enabler of others.

Objectives/required outcomes for the client

  • Enhanced capability in leading others
  • Embed the learning and best practises across the organisation
  • Shift in mindset and developing self-confidence



We provide faculty to deliver this programme globally. Typically, the group size per cohort is 80 participants.

European locations                 Amsterdam, Madrid, Paris

Asia Pacific locations              Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore

Programme structure             3 days in person training including 1:1 coaching session which has since all   been virtualised due to Covid19

Embedding                              Followed by an online 1:1 coaching session 6-8 weeks after the training to support embedding and ongoing learning.


Ensuring consistency in the quality of delivery

  • Dedicated programme faculty with deep insight into the specific client context
  • Robust onboarding process for faculty with formal and informal feedback from the faculty lead and client (participants and L&D lead) after each programme
  • Faculty supervision by the TPC Leadership Client Partner
  • Dedicated Project manager to manage scheduling

Ensuring relevance

  • Annual review of content with the client L&D Lead to respond to evolving business needs
  • Structured 1:1 coaching session during the face to face training to support application of theory into the specific context of the participant

Ensuring application of learning

  • End of programme reflection and action planning supported by peer coaching
  • Post-programme emailed series of content reminders and stimulus inputs eg videos, articles, talks
  • Post-programme 1:1 formal coaching session with a faculty member


Due to the success of our delivery of this programme, the client continues to renew our contract to be the provider of this programme on an annual basis.

Feedback from the client indicates that participants:

  • Are more effective at delegating and setting clear expectations for performance
  • Are better able to recognise and leverage strengths in their team members
  • Are more confident at handling difficult conversations and feedback
  • Have a clear vision about themselves as a leader, the values that drive them, and the behaviours to put their vision into action
  • Understand their patterns in responding to stress and have strategies for maintaining performance and actively managing their resilience
  • Feel supported to embed their learning and put new behaviours developed into practice

Client testimonial

91% of participants at the last training felt that the facilitation was Excellent or Very Good

88% of participants at the last training felt that the training was Very Relevant or Relevant to their roles and development needs

“One of the best leadership trainings I have ever been on.  Good mix of theory and breakouts [for practice].”

“Wonderful session – extremely helpful, insightful and relevant.  Would gladly do it again”