Pierre Bonnet

Pierre Bonnet

“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because its trust is not on the branch but
on its own wings”


People come first in order to create and implement fundamental and sustainable changes within the
organization” ; this is what Pierre believes and focuses on.
Convinced that corporations cannot reach their full potential without a strong foundation of which people
are the cement. Whatever the type of business or industry, building a team, a unit or a company is like
building a cathedral: it requires effort and attention to shape and polish every single stone so it fits
perfectly within them all without compromising the individual characteristics of each and everyone.
Everyone has the right and the duty to carve his own identity to find its purpose, values and to shine as
the best version of himself/herself.

Leadership Development, Coaching & Consulting Experience:

Customer and people oriented, Pierre has always evolved with agility and innovation in order to create
opportunities to generate a significant impact on the growth of the activities under his responsibility.
Pierre has an holistic consulting approach and he is recognized for his ability to shape and transform
cultures through a human-centered management approach in competitive and complex environments
(OVAR ). He brings enthusiasm and helps people to gain confidence by bringing and empowering coaches'

Other Relevant Experience:
Pierre is seasoned Growth Marketer and Business Executive with 15+ years of international experience in
sales intelligence, growth marketing and business development (including 8+ years in the USA).
He has held several management and board positions within a multicultural environment including
business development, Sales director, Chief Marketing officer, General manager, Chief revenue officer and
entrepreneur. Supporting customers on strategic consulting for over 3 years.
Pierre has accumulated a long list of experience in creating sustainable growth and partnerships in the
B2B, B2B2C and B2C fields through a combination of sales experience, digital and marketing coupled with
strong account supervision, project implementation and strategic leadership skills.

Education, Qualifications and Certification:

● TPCL Open Programme
● ESSEC & Mannheim Business Schools – Executive MBA
● Georgetown University McDonough School of Business - Global Business and Public Policymaking
● EADA Business School Barcelona - Sustainability & Leadership
● SCYFCO - Leadership, Decision making and collective performance
● ISEG (Lille Campus) - Master Executive Program Marketing Management


French: Mother tongue; English: fluent

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