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Nathalie Watts


Nathalie is passionate about facilitating people, team and organisation’s transition and transformation. In today’s complex and challenging business environment, executives, teams and organisations can lose their bearings, identity and sense of purpose. She helps them explore new challenges and difficulties with creativity and without fear, whilst allowing them to FULLY BE themselves and to realise their own potential and creative leadership

Leadership Development Experience

Over the last 12 years in France, Nathalie has been a senior business consultant, trainer. She now coaches founders and senior executives of international corporates and start-ups on a one-to-one basis through transition and creative leadership. As a team builder, she facilitates cross-functional and cross-cultural executives, managers and their teams to leverage creativity, innovation and transformation projects.

Other Relevant Experience

Nathalie, with 17 years work experience in London and a year in Frankfurt, held Senior Executive and pan-European strategic and operational management roles at Hewlett-Packard, 3Com, McCann-Erickson and other international companies – leveraging brand value whilst achieving greater operational efficiency and performance. During her career, she led multicultural teams at executive and senior management level in Europe, the United States and Asia and has a deep experience of cross-cultural management. Her leading innovative marketing initiatives gained recognition from well-respected industry analysts and won several industry awards.

Industry sectors:

  • Manufacturing-Engineering: Aerospace, Building, Gaz, ICT, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Printing, Water
  • Services: Business Consultancy, Communications, Logistics and transport
  • Coaching and training up to hundred start-up founders.

Education, Qualifications & Certifications

  • Team Building, Alignment and Innovation Advanced Training level (TBCI), JBS-2015
  • Generative collaboration, Robert Dilts & Stephen Gilligan, Institut Repere -2014
  • Coaching Training « Relating to the authority », SF Coach Association -2014
  • Certified Executive Coach, Académie du Coaching -2011
  • Multi-cultural Team Management, APT, Silicon Valley -1998
  • Masters Degree in International Marketing and Trade – University of Paris Panthéon Sorbonne -1983


French, English, German (understanding)

Contact Details

Linkedin: Nathalie Watts