BW Joana Araujo Pescarini

Joana Araujo Pescarini

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony" – Mahatma Gandhi


Joana is passionate about motivating people to fulfil their potential through exploration and discovery. Joana partners with individuals and teams to achieve and excel at their personal and career goals. This work includes sharpening leadership and management capacities, supporting leaders through change initiatives and transitions into new expanded roles and enhancing strategic agility. Her coaching work also focuses on alignment of personal and career goals encouraging clients to discover a suitable balance for their lives.

Leadership Development Experience

In her 20 years of corporate career, Joana held numerous human resources executive roles, leading global teams with multiple backgrounds and cultures. Over the last 5 years Joana focused her career on creating and driving strategies for training and leadership development, including the design and implementation of a global “Leading Change” program in support of a corporate-wide digital transformation initiative, as well as an HR training and development program aimed at growing and advancing the capability of HR teams to partner with the business. As an Executive Coach and HR Consultant, Joana works with organisations in leadership development, HR strategy to support business transformation, design and delivery of learning solutions, as well as organisational development and change management programs.

Other Relevant Experience

Living and working in 8 different countries across 5 different continents, Joana has extensive knowledge and experience in international business environments:

  • Middle East and Asia: directly supporting business operations with employees spread across 20 different countries, focusing on talent management, the allocation of competencies across different projects and succession planning
  • Latin America: in charge of resource planning, diversity management and leadership development programs
  • North America: managing a company-wide technical training & development program with dedicated learning centres and teams in the USA, France and the UK
  • Europe: responsible for the HR management of a manufacturing business highly regulated and unionised
  • West Africa: managing compensation and benefits strategies for over 8 different countries

Education, Qualifications & Certifications

  • Business degree from Pepperdine University, California
  • Columbia University’s Coaching Certification Program


Portuguese, English, Spanish, French

Contact Details

Linkedin: Joana Araujo Pescarini