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Elsa Simon

“No one's perfect, but a team can be


Complex, volatile and uncertain, our world calls for more flexibility and on-going adjustments. To avoid the behavioral rigidities and tensions that naturally emerge from these situations and move towards more humanity and responsible performance, it is essential for any organization to increase the development of its employees and their ability to work as a team.

However - contrary to many beliefs - working in a team is not natural, it has be learned and requires training.

Fascinated by the power of groups, passionate about relational intelligence and self-awareness, Elsa supports the development of teams, leaders and employees towards greater meaning, trust and responsibility.

Leadership Development Experience

Elsa has worked as HR Consultant, Coach, Facilitator and Trainer in France, the Netherlands and internationally. Her clients come from : Industry, Healthcare, Finance, IT, Services.

Other Relevant Experience

After her Master’s Degree in International Purchasing, Elsa has worked in various large groups (Pechiney, Aerospace, Philips) and has lived several professional lives (Purchasing, Sales, Management, HR Development) which allow her to accompany her clients more closely.

Education, Qualifications & Certifications

  • Specialized Master's Degree in International Purchasing Management - Kedge
  • Industrial Management - Kedge
  • Certified Counscious Body Practitioner, ICS, Human Element
  • CCTI, OPQ, PerformanSe, MBTI and 360° certification
  • Coach in Self-Intelligence, Osiris Conseil Pierre Cauvin & Geneviève Cailloux
  • Currently undergoing EMCC certification at the Practitioner level


French, English

Contact Details

Linkedin: Elsa Simon