BW Hans de Haan

Hans de Haan

GREAT leaders are those who stay true to themselves


Hans believes strongly in the human power to adapt and innovate. He believes self management and relationship skills make a good leader GREAT. Hans can help you understand and realise your full potential, enabling you to grow as a person and as a leader. He will ensure you (and your team) develop your skills, improve results and achieve a greater sense of well being. Hans establishes a trusting relationship and builds rapport, providing a safe environment for you to pause for self reflection. Hans takes a holistic approach. He enables you to identify challenges, (re)define your objectives and agree which actions to take. He will help you improve and leverage your strengths in order to become a more successful and fulfilled leader. Hans brings to the table over 25 years of business expertise combined with a high level of emotional intelligence. He has a no nonsense attitude, he is  respectful, honest and non judgemental. He is passionate about helping people make themselves better and happier.

Leadership Development Experience

Hans is a fully trained and certified EMCC coach practitioner with 25 years of international management experience. Throughout his career he has coached people, and also received coaching himself. He believes everyone deserves a coach. Hans has worked globally in corporate & investment banking, capital markets and asset management for ING, ICBC and ICBC Standard Bank. He also worked freelance in interim management and consultancy. Throughout his career he has comfortably worked together with CFOs and group treasurers of various multinational corporates and reputable consultancies.  In addition to his expertise in international financial services, Hans has a wealth of hands-on expertise in organisational development, managing people and building teams, business development, program- and project management, change management, transformations and leadership.

Other Relevant Experience

Hans has lived and worked abroad throughout most of his life; he has first hand experience of managing across various cultures and backgrounds. Hans avidly follows the latest technological developments such as blockchain and looks forward to the opportunities these can create, especially in the banking industry. 

Education, Qualifications & Certifications

  • EMCC, Certified Coach Practitioner/2017
  • CEDEP, General Management Programme/ Fontainebleau/2004
  • Lieutenant of Reconnaissance/ Royal Netherlands Army/1988
  • Master of International Law/ University of Groningen/1986


Fluent: English, Dutch, French.

Working knowledge: German, Spanish

Basic: Mandarin Chinese

Contact details

Linkedin: Hans de Haan