Team Leadership Case Studies


Virtual team coaching after re-organisation

Our client was undergoing a reorganisation, impacting different teams, leaving the strategic marketing team feeling marginalised as they lost scope, resources and people due to the restructuring.

TPC Leadership, having worked with the organisation’s top management on previous occasions, partnered with the team leader to bring about much needed clarity and gave an energy boost to a frustrated team.  What made this program unique was an adaptation to run it as a fully virtual program, due to the Covid19 lockdown, with results that left participants, and facilitators, in awe.  They gained a mutual appreciation and recognition of each other’s role and contribution.


Major FMCG company

Redefining team behavioural norms and roles for a collaborative climate

Our client’s national sales team was experiencing a series of conflicts with technical sales support, specifically regarding roles and responsibilities which led to chronic feelings of mutual distrust. TPC Leadership was engaged to identify systemic root causes of the dysfunctional team dynamics, clarify and redefine roles.  A shared agreement was reached during the team interventions on the need to shift away from the toxic climate and the behavioural practices and the communication protocols needed to achieve their goals.

UN Agency with >16,000 employees

Enhancing morale and engagement

A Global Staff Survey manifested alarming rates of disengagement.  Our client, a UN agency, was struggling to find ways of making the working environment safe for difficult conversations.  With the goal of engaging the whole division in the co-creation of a ‘high performance team’ culture, TPC Leadership was engaged to support and advise management, to address root causes for disengagement and helped create a positive, proud and high performing culture.

A media sector organisation

Developing a high performance culture and leadership

TPC Leadership was commissioned by a media organisation to develop a high performance culture and leadership in a team of 20.  During a tailored seven-month program involving workshops and 1 on 1 coaching, TPCL focussed on seven broad development objectives, as presented by the client.

The program was also recognised for the contribution it made to role-modelling good leadership and best practice in the organisation. Leaders were empowered to work more effectively with their direct reports and had been encouraged on good practice of leadership and performance management. Team effectiveness scores were raised by nearly 40%.

Sinclair Oil

Senior Team leadership development programme

Our client’s CEO was moving to Corporate, but realised they had insufficient leadership within the organisation to enable the change.

TPC Leadership created an embedded leadership training program to meet the outcomes of a more effective senior team to support the new CEO.

As a result, the organisation was restructured and the strategic goals became the pillar of future focus and the new CEO was able to step into the leadership role due to a successful transition.

Sinclair Oil

Omron Healthcare EMEA

Growing a healthy employee engagement

Our client’s Marketing team, faced with a rapidly changing business environment, were left unsettled and in need of transformation.  The client wished to improve both team & individual performance for greater organisational impact.

TPC Leadership designed a tailor-made program, delivered over 9 months, which greatly improved team cohesiveness. Through courageous conversations they were able to embrace diversity, developing as team and individual leaders.


Department of Amsterdam Local Authority - Schooling

Development of a management team and their department

Our client, the new department leader, was confronted with the drastic results of an engagement survey done across all teams.  The leadership team were operating as islands with no collaboration between them.  Our client launched an intensive improvement program to help develop the department and TPC Leadership was asked to support this development.

During a 2 days facilitation for Leadership Development, they discussed topics that had been on the table for years.  The process led to greater ownership by involving team members in the overall plan & design.

city of Amsterdam


Profiting from coaching

To achieve better results and employee turnover, our client, a CEO new to the role, believed in a coaching approach.  TPC Leadership designed an ambitious development program for the new top team. This transformed the company style from one of didactic management to inspirational leadership.

The development program had a dramatic effect on the business. The environment changed across the whole company, with staff turnover dropping dramatically within all departments. Staff who had previously been reserved started taking initiative.


Public Sector CEO

Improving teamwork and performance

TPC Leadership was asked by a Public Sector CEO to work with him and his leadership team to improve the way his team was working together and ultimately team performance. Roles and responsibilities were unclear and there was a general lack of trust.

Through challenging team sessions and 1 on 1 coaching sessions with team members, they focussed on increasing openness and trust between team members, appreciating the wider system.

Some team members decided to leave, (an expected result from such an intervention). But what was left was a team with much higher levels of mutual support.  Dramatic performance improvement is being seen across a broad range of measures.

Public Sector organisation

Building more trusting and open relationships

TPC Leadership was asked to work with multiple teams of leaders as a number of local government organisations were merging and it was a culture of high stress where restructuring was almost business as usual.

By incorporating both 1 on 1 and facilitated team coaching, participants were able to focus on key business objectives and on how to manage change.  There is now an ongoing coaching support program in place plus a number of additional skills programs including facilitation skills and managing effective meetings.

Professional Services organisation

A virtual approach to emotional intelligence development

Our client, a professional services company, was looking for an Emotional Intelligence program for a Regional HR team to improve their working relationships.

Following a face to face workshop, virtual 1 on 1 coaching was held to help delegates establish and deliver a robust personal plan.

On the back of the program, the team reported big shifts and greater resilience. As well as team relationships and performance goals, key private goals were also exceeded around confidence and assertiveness.

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