Organisational Leadership Case Studies

Jaguar Land Rover

Redefining behavioural norms and roles to enable a collaborative climate

Our client had a strong engineering and technical culture.  The leadership culture did not foster autonomous thinking, creativity or inspiring younger staff, which led to low staff engagement. TPC Leadership delivered a 5 days leadership behaviours training program, over 5 months, for 200 managers.  The company transformed from a slow innovation rate into an innovative cutting-edge company. The 360° scores manifested improvements in all the core areas related to enablement in service of innovation and engagement.

Jaguar Land Rover

UN Agency with >16,000 employees

Enhancing morale and engagement

A Global Staff Survey manifested alarming rates of disengagement.  Our client, a UN agency, was struggling to find ways of making the working environment safe for difficult conversations.  With the goal of engaging the whole division in the co-creation of a ‘high performance team’ culture, TPC Leadership was engaged to support and advise management, to address root causes for disengagement and helped create a positive, proud and high performing culture.

One of the largest oil & gas companies in Europe

Implementing a new code of ethics

As they needed to change the existing culture and create a ‘Business Ethics’ code, our client identified 15 managers to act as change champions.  Via a series of interactive internal workshops led by the champions, the ethics code would be cascaded throughout the organization to several hundred employees.

TPC Leadership ran ‘Train the trainer’ programs and helped develop the training design and delivery skills. The change champions all noted increased levels of self-confidence in capabilities to successfully deliver the workshops.

A large global management consultancy firm

Addressing dissatisfaction related to work life balance

Following a global staff survey, our client identified a systemic challenge in work life balance, significantly impacting engagement and performance, putting the retention of talent at risk.  Managers were identified to become Team Champions in effectiveness and wellbeing through regular coaching/feedback sessions.

TPC Leadership has trained and supported approx. 1400 Champions since 2015 and the scores around wellbeing have been visibly increasing since the beginning of the program.

Pocket Media HQ

Addressing fear culture

Our client was facing a significant talent attraction and retention risk due to a permeating culture of fear and dissatisfaction with senior management.

TPC Leadership was engaged to support senior managers and employees in developing awareness of the impact of their current style on business and people, and to re-craft company values and management behaviours supporting engagement and trust.

During a series of 2 day engagement workshops with the whole organization, the positive result was an increase in trust in management and openness of the leadership and reduced turnover related to poor management behaviours.

Pocket Media

A private sector international organisation

Developing internal leadership capacity

TPC Leadership were requested to develop a program focussing on improving internal leadership capacity, specifically seeking to increase the personal effectiveness of managerial staff for an international private sector organisation.

By carefully matching a coach with each manager, TPCL offered a bespoke coaching framework.  Clear session objectives were established and upon completion with the  participant, the assigned coach and their line manager ascertained the leadership capacity and effectiveness of its managers had notably increased.


Facilitating the process for Heineken's agile transformation

As trusted partner, TPC Leadership facilitated our client’s Agile Transformation program for managers responsible for IT-enabled business initiatives.

During a 2 day workshop, participants were able to define a joint vision and create the transformation roadmap.

This ensured alignments between all stakeholders, managed expectations and helped set clear objectives and the offsite programs created the right learning climate & mindset, enabling the client to move forward with successful transformation.



A personal leadership journey for senior managers

Our client within the Professional Services sector, partnered with TPC Leadership to support the development of transformative leadership within the company.

In a 3-day program, senior managers sharpened their compass – their personal leadership – and formalized a personal leadership development plan.  During varied, challenging exercises, the managers work on personal awareness and form a deep connection with each other.

Not only did the senior managers experience the difference, but the positive changes were also noticed by the organization.

EY - black

Ministry of Labour, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Creating a Leadership Academy

In order to create a shared vision for leadership across three core governmental organisations and transform leadership theory into practice, our client partnered with us to develop a Leadership Academy for promising leaders, usually sent abroad.

The most challenging part of this intervention was developing a bilateral cultural adaptation of the valued leadership paradigms.  The biggest achievement was it initiated, and continued to support, a culture of shared leadership.  Rather than a leadership approach based on a series of ideas, we supported our client to grow their own approach, supported by shared values and behaviours.


Zurich Financial Services Group

A strategic approach to coaching

Our client’s Talent Management & Development Consultant began to develop concerns over the capability of some of their existing coaches, a large pool given relative autonomy.

To ensure all coaches were suited to the fast-paced high-change environment of the  Financial Services industry, TPC Leadership Assessment Centre, pruned out coaches who lacked coaching qualifications and/or commitment.

The biggest difference made was the increase in confidence of coaching. Management no longer raised questions about whether the  coaching spend was effective.


Jaguar Land Rover

Creating high coaching standards

As our client had been using coaching predominantly as a remedial measure to tackle under-performance, coaching had developed a poor reputation within the company.  Their business psychologist sought to develop coaching company-wide, based on a strong vision that coaching could be used to support and develop all employees.

A two-tier coaching program delivered by TPC Leadership was such a success, they began to run regular coaching programs.  The level of coaching offered had changed, becoming transformational rather than transactional.

Jaguar Land Rover

Pocket Media

Values driven organisation: culture alignment increases engagement

Our client continuously suffered from high people turnover.  Following internal meetings, the HR manager learned that some experienced a culture of fear and different standards for the executives and workforce. All slowing down company growth in a very competitive environment.  Their organizational values in cooperation with their employees needed to be defined to increase employee engagement.

Through detailed evaluations and workshops, TPC Leadership guided the client through cultural alignment and to becoming a values driven organisation, involving their people in the process to get there.  The result: increased employee satisfaction and engagement!

Pocket Media

A global financial services organisation

Developing high potential talent

Our client, a global financial services organisation, was looking for a bespoke High Potential development program, with 1 on 1 coaching for each leader on the program.   In the 9 sessions run over 12 months, participants received guidance in personal career management and development objectives.

The program was extremely high profile and a big investment for the business – organisational feedback was excellent

Global Consulting company

Global leadership upskilling

Our client, a global consulting company, wanted to look at the different forms of leadership and particularly how leadership and coaching combine, in order to be stronger influencers and coaches in global roles.

TPC Leadership were able to build a learning journey, delivered globally by eight highly skilled facilitators, six to eight times per year, around their set of outcomes.  The program was very relevant to their culture and the context.  It was practical and deployable, the skills learnt were applied immediately to their day to day.

UN Agency

Supporting leaders to drive performance, manage complexity and change

The organisation was looking to provide a common vocabulary and skill-set for all their people in a supervisory role.   Their challenge was to find a leadership development program to be delivered worldwide to a few hundred supervisors and therefore the added need of a virtual program.  TPC Leadership  assembled a faculty of specialized trainers  to provide diversity and gravitas in different domains and via the online MyQuest learning journey. The program was strengthened by using local language coaches.


Enhancing resilience through a coaching mindset

Due to our client’s Istanbul factory being closed, TPC Leadership was approached to assist their business challenges of sustaining motivation, engagement and enhancing resilience during the closure process.  During a 3-day foundation program to mid-level managers, followed by 2 half-day group coaching, TPCL was able to support the dissemination of the “coaching mindset” to a broader environment within the factory.  It provided a reflection space for the participants during the challenging period in their work lives and it strengthened their resilience, giving them an opportunity to evaluate their situation from a wider perspective.


Top 3 global management consulting company

Conducting performance conversations effectively

Since 2012, TPC Leadership has successfully delivered training, both face-to-face and recently re-designed for virtual delivery, dedicated to Senior managers and Partners operating as internal career development advisors for a global management consulting firm. This advisor role was created to provide continuous management and attention for individual performance and career development across different projects.  The program has evolved with the client needs and remains an integral part of their leadership development.

Top 3 global management consulting company

Assessing performance, writing effective performance reviews, delivering performance feedback

Since 2015, TPC Leadership has been collaborating with the client, a global management consulting firm, by delivering management and leadership programs for all managerial levels.  In 2018, the client asked TPCL to support them in creating a focused development program for their senior consultants at the edge of their promotion as managers, with focus on understanding the Company’s competency model and performance management system, writing effective performance evaluations and delivering impactful performance feedback.

JCI (Adient)

Performance Management System development and implementation

During 2015-2017 TPC Leadership deployed a Leadership Development Program, including a Performance Management System Program and a Talent Development Program, for the Senior Management Team and for the newly formed Middle Management Team at our client.

The creation and good functioning of a healthy layer of middle management, made up exclusively of high performers and talents, led to the visible development of their leadership skills and to the management’s increase of strategic focus.


Iulius Mall

Developing a Performance Management System

In 2013 and 2014, TPC Leadership supported Iulius Mall, a large developer and operator of mixed-use projects in the real estate, in the creation and implementation of a Performance Management system.

The program was highly appreciated by the President of the Company; consistent positive feedback from both the employees and the managers and management started having performance conversations with their employees, systematically.

There was an increased sense of motivation for people, relying on a sense of fairness in receiving financial rewards and recognition and an increased capability, for the managers, to spot very talented employees and support their career path.



Leadership transition through performance management training

Between 2012 and 2017, TPC Leadership was called to support DCHI during a transition phase towards a leadership style able to mix a strategic and people development approach.  Even though the operational teams were showing a good internal climate, the strong “command and control” managerial style, together with a lack of people management focus, had provoked throughout years a low level of initiative, ‘executor-attitude’ in people.


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