For Individuals / Coaching Academy / EMCC Foundation Coaching Skills


This 3-day introductory programme guides participants to learn the core models and techniques of impactful corporate coaching, as well as to understand the theoretical underpinnings behind coaching.

EMCC Foundation Coaching Skills allows HRs’ and people managers’ coaching practice to move beyond a mere leadership tool and operate as a powerful approach to foster meaningful conversations leading to increased engagement, learning and performance at work.

Unlike many other introductory coaching programmes, our three-day module features also a high level of leadership development. Participants are challenged to examine their personal leadership style and find ways of integrating coaching into their daily responsibilities.


Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance from TPC Leadership on completion of the module. This certificate can then be used as a record and can be utilised for accredited prior learning for our professional coach development programmes.

Moreover, participants that are interested in achieving the EMCC EQA award at Foundation Level will be able to attain this by completing some coaching practice and providing evidence of their learning, for an additional fee. This can be discussed on request, but it will always be our recommendation to ensure participants embed their learning.



By completing our three-day module participants will:

  • Develop core coach competencies

  • Understand the key skills and models for coaching and be able to apply these in a coaching relationship

  • Define coaching and understand the range of coaching styles

  • Understand the boundaries for a coaching relationship and how to contract effectively

  • Learn to self reflect and appraise coaching capabilities to identify areas for personal development in coaching, and plan for new learning