Storylining and Slide Writing

Design presentations and slides in a structured and recipient-centred way

About this Training

The quality of a story determines whether or not the determined goal reaches the addressees. This is ultimately the basis for the effectiveness of presentations within your company and outside.

Through coordinated arguments, which are presented comprehensibly in the right order and depth, people are convinced. In this way, presentations and other communications can be structured more coherently and in a way that is more suitable for the recipient.

In the future, the way to the finished document is more efficient and effective, because it focuses on the essentials and the coordination with colleagues is more targeted.


Learning about pyramidal thinking and concepts of written and verbal communication:

  • Introducing the principles of pyramidal communication and SCQ
  • Creating SCQ framework and a hypothesis tree using a practical example
  • Storyboarding: using hypothesis tree and SCQ to put a story on slides

Structuring documents and slide writing:

  • Discussion of slide examples: Do's and Don'ts
  • The most important rules when creating slides
  • Which visualization goes with which message
  • Exercise based on practical examples

Format & Participants

  • 1 day (can also be divided into 2 half days)
  • Virtual or in person
  • Up to 12 participants
  • Important for anyone who regularly creates presentations or has them created

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