Conducting Recruitment Interviews

Become a master at recruitment interviews

About this Training

Identifying and hiring the best candidates for a position is a key building block for successful companies.

Recruiting mistakes are very expensive and many companies fail to develop their recruiters so that they can make well-grounded recruiting decision.

The focus during the interview should lie on creating a deep, trusting conversation to get to know and evaluate the candidates and to convince them to join your team.


Introduction and background:

  • Overview of the recruiting process (optional)
  • The importance of recruiting decisions
  • Typical interview mistakes (alpha, beta, bias, etc.) and the associates costs

Interview preparation:

  • Criteria for selection (optional)
  • Reading CVs and identifying areas for further investigation

Conducting interviews:

  • Process, active listening and status games
  • Mastering various questioning techniques
  • Probing different dimensions important for the position (e.g. analytical skills)

Role play:

  • Interviews with video recording and feedback from the trainer and the group

Format & Participants

  • 1 day (can also be split into 2 half days)
  • Virtual or in person
  • Maximum 6 participants per trainer
  • For all employees who conduct recruiting interviews

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