Communicate Convincingly

Get the desired result from your conversations

About this Training

The core skill of the modern workplace, especially for executives, is communication.

At the same time, nuances often make a big difference whether an idea is understood and heard by others, whether a meeting results in productive cooperation or in an endless discussion, and whether a project is sold or not.

We train your employees in reaching the other person in conversations and understanding the other person well in order to achieve the desired result of the conversation.


Basics of communication:

  • e.g. iceberg model, 4 sides of a message, transactional analysis, etc.

Techniques for better listening:

  • Active listening
  • Introduction to coaching techniques

Communicating convincingly and clearly:

  • Pyramidal communication
  • Argumentative convincing
  • Addressee-oriented communication based on DiSC® or MBTI®
  • Practical exercises with many quick iterations to send messages (e.g. Elevator Pitch)

Format & Participants

  • 1 day (can also be split into 2 half days)
  • Virtual or in person
  • Relevant for all employees and executives

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