Build Effective Client Relationships

Develop a professional demeanour in client conversations

About this Training

It is not only facts and content that are decisive: professional appearance and relationship building in conversations have a major impact on the outcome of the conversation and professional success.

Career starters are often not fully aware of the effect they have on their conversation partners and underestimate the importance of a personal relationship and their personal presence. In addition, there is always a lack of good interview preparation. Thus, the beginning of a conversation and cooperation is then "stumbled".

Through the training, participants learn to start conversations confidently and professionally and to convince not only with facts, but also with presence.


Preparation of conversations:

  • Determining the goals of the conversation
  • Creating a meeting agenda

Conducting meetings using role play in a scenario that is as close to reality as possible:

  • Relationship building and small talk
  • How to introduce yourself professionally
  • How to deal with disruptions (e.g. critical basic attitude of the counterpart)

Format & Participants

  • Combines well with Meeting Moderation
  • Video recording and analysis
  • Feedback by experts
  • ½ day (1 day in combination with Meeting Moderation)
  • Virtual or in person
  • Up to 6 participants per trainer
  • For young professionals

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