Team Leadership

Draw the strength out of your teams

Whether teams meet more than imminent demands, achieving results over the long term, is dependent upon the level of team leadership. It requires us to understand the wider strategic vision of the organisation, its relationship with its current operational tasks, and then discern how to support teams to work to their best.

We will work with you to create a programme that suits your organisational needs. If there are any topics you are interested in tackling that are not listed below, we are happy to discuss them with you as we design your programme.

Our Solutions for Team Leadership Development

Engaging the organisation

Engage your organisation

Many companies measure their workforce engagement. But we help leaders ensure this is not a 'tick in the box' exercise, but a real force for transformation. Together we discuss how to work on your organisation’s levers and create a sustainable leadership culture where teams thrive.

Action Learning

Action learning

Action learning supports shared learning from real business cases in a safe and inspiring environment. It generates ideas and fosters the sense of support to move situations forward, aligning ways of working within an organisation. We teach participants a format (or several creative ones) to discuss ‘difficult’ topics in the future.

Leading Virtual Teams

Virtual team leadership

As the world shifts to remote working we need to learn how to create high performing virtual teams. We address how to lead and inspire virtual teams, how to build structures that support them and how to establish effective ways of working.

Leading Diverse Teams

Leading diverse teams

As organisations become more globally connected, we help leaders navigate the complexities of leading diverse teams across geographies and cultures, championing inclusivity to provide a platform for employees to be themselves.

Leading Agile Teams

Leading agile teams

We explore how to lead a platform of networked teams, with distributed leadership and distributed decision-making. Leadership in this scenario is no longer about the hierarchical distribution of responsibility and reporting. It is about providing the right amount of support and nutrition to every area of the organisation. We work with you to nurture a platform of cultural ambassadors, social anchors, communities of practice and knowledge hubs.

Managing Crisis

Lead through crisis

Managing a crisis starts when there is no crisis - we help leaders recognise the early warning signals that almost always precede one. Leaders will understand the importance of personal character, corporate culture, leveraging an organisational ecosystem and how to learn from previous experiences e.g. the Covid-19 pandemic.

Building and Leading an Effective Team

Build and lead an effective team

Learn how to build a high performing team that draws on the strengths of each team member,   synergising behaviours and enabling everyone to pull in the same direction. We’ll explore what your teams need to look like to support your organisation and its purpose.

Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leadership

Inclusion is behavioural. Everyone has biases that influence their beliefs and behaviours - but they can be mitigated. Through inclusive leadership awareness workshops or transformational redesign of key decision-making processes, we’ll work with you to enable the right behaviours.


Strengths based leadership

Leaders working with a strength-based pay attention to what already works, appreciate their impact and explore opportunities to implement their strengths elsewhere. People using their strengths are three times more likely to report having an excellent quality of life and are six times more likely to be engaged in their jobs. On average they are 7.8% more productive and their organisations are 8.9% more profitable.

Internal Coach Development

Internal Coach Development

Our coach training programmes are accredited with ICF, EMCC and ILM and are ideal for leaders, teams and organisations seeking to use a coaching approach to leadership.

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