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Being a systemic Coach, Leonie is rather following a rational and focus-based Coaching approach. She always tries to receive a holistic picture of the underlying problem by gaining a concrete understanding of the overall system and the involved parties. In addition, she is a positive Psychology enthusiast. Hereby, she likes to focus on the individual Strengths of her Coachees and how those can further support in finding a solution that is tailored to the unique personality of each Coachee. 

Leadership Development, Coaching & Consulting Experience

Leonie is an Associate for TPC Leadership Germany and has more than 8 years of experience in consulting, training, and coaching, mainly focusing on topics such as: Leadership, Communication, Feedback and Change Management. After completing her Master’s in International Business, she started at Ernst & Young (EY) as a Consultant. As a member of the People Advisory Services, she was mostly working in the Retail, Consumer Goods and Pharma sector. During this period, she was heavily involved in designing, conceptualizing, and facilitating not only soft-skill Trainings (e.g. Leadership Workshops, Train-the-Trainer etc.), but also specific technical Trainings (e.g. SAP Trainings). 

After working as an external Consultant for nearly 3 years, she decided to stay in the consulting world, but work in-house and build the Learning & Development Department at BCG Digital Ventures (DV) in Berlin. For nearly three years she was mainly focusing on defining Leadership for BCG DV and educating DV’s people on what it means. One important aspect of this huge project was building a DV tailored Leadership Journey for the Berlin & London employees, where she not only designed, but also facilitated most of the trainings for the first management level. In addition, she supported the development of DV’s Line Managers by educating them on Coaching basics (e.g. Active listening, questioning etc.). 

Lastly, Leonie has been conducting lots of individual as well as group coaching sessions (Team- and Venture Kick-Offs, Leadership Trainings etc.) within her role as a certified Gallup Strengths Finder Coach. 

Other Relevant Experience

Leonie’s whole career has been focusing on Human Resources. After her Bachelor’s in Business Psychology, she started working as a Recruiter for the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Being responsible for BCG’s Interns in Germany & Austria, she was not only recruiting, but also supporting and coaching them throughout their internship. During her Master’s in International Business in St Andrews, Scotland, she had her major in ‘Leadership in Organisations’ and even wrote her thesis on ‘Women in Leadership Positions and the Introduction of the German Quota’. 

Education, Qualifications & Certifications 

  • MLitt. In International Business, University of St Andrews, St Andrews, Scotland Bachelor of Arts in Business Psychology, University of Applied Science, Cologne, Germany 
  • Certified Systemic Consultant – ISB Wiesloch
  • Certified Gallup Strengths Coach – Gallup Berlin


German, English