Cristina Muderlak

 “Help me to do it myself”. Maria Montessori 


“Communication is mainly based on connection, says Cristina”. Connected communication not only builds the shortest link between two hearts, but also is the main catalysator for effective collaboration”. 

Communication happens and no matter whether you are a human being or a company, optimal and authentic communication is the basis for your success. Many years of experience in her private life and business career enable Cristina to understand thoroughly individual situations and issues. Deeply convinced that any- and everybody who wants to improve will grow, Cristina is ready to support this journey. She takes an intensive look at contexts, needs, visions and available resources to bridge an authentic self-development. With an analytical view, broad understanding from different perspectives and openhearted empathy Cristina challenges her clients to become sustainably successful. 

Leadership Development, Coaching & Consulting Experience

Having established and managed a practice network for Speech Therapy for several years, Cristina always continued to improve and enhance her impact in communication. After her Coaching & Consulting Training in 2005 she developed her Coaching, Training & Consulting business where she gained not only international experience but also a broad range of knowledge in topics and branches. Collaborating with Top-Coaching Companies she proves her seniority and highly professional impact wherever she is involved. Building on her backpack of profound skills, with a high reliability she delivers her outstanding quality in coaching for any tenure. 

As a working mom of 4 (meanwhile adult) daughters Cristina additionally focused on the female perspectives in business. With her book “Eva talks, Adam Walks” (Goldegg Verlag, 2015) and several other publications she is a requested specialist in Gender Topics and Conflict Communication. 

Other Relevant Experience

  • HR: Inhouse-Consulting and Co-Establishment of a PD-Department 
  • Supervisor for Coaches and Coach for Inhouse-Coaches 
  • Host&Coach in her “time-out-location” _ a relaxation-space in the Tyrolian Alps 

Education, Qualifications & Certifications 

  • Psychological Management Consultancy (Hephaistos, certified by DBVC)
  • Coaching (Hephaistos, certified by DBVC) 
  • Speech Therapy - State approved
  • Author of the Book: Eva talks Adam walks and several other publications on communication and conflict management 
  • Various Qualifications in Psychology: TA; Gestalt, Systemic Approaches, etc. Management: e.g. Agile Working, Scrum, Team Development, Leadership, Strategic Project Management, Systems Theory Communication etc.: Conflict Management, non-violent communication, collaborative Practice, Gender Studies and many more. 


German, English, basic French and Italian


LinkedIn: Cristina Muderlak