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For organisations with specific challenges, we create bespoke leadership development programmes that include consultancy, training courses, digital learning solutions and both group and individual coaching.


These programmes are tailor-made to align with the culture, context and ambition of your organisation.


Join the adventure of leading
towards a purpose

Leadership can be defined as the capacity to competently operate in dynamic environments while inspiring and guiding people to deliver on an organisation’s purpose.

At TPC Leadership we are privileged to work with some of the best leaders on the planet. Some have started their journey with us by telling us that they want to be clear what they stand for, some have aimed to become more capable of inspiring others, and some have set out with the goal to create incredibly effective teams who can enable massive system change

Whatever your goals, approach is:

1. To challenge organisations to ask the important questions about what they need their leaders to know, do and be.

2. To ask the leaders themselves what they stand for and discover how they lead themselves.

3. To empower leaders to inspire, lead confidently, and transform systems whilst remaining true to themselves and their purpose.

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  • Talents about to transition to higher responsibilities in their organisation

  • First line managers, people managers and project leaders leading teams of contributors in agile, changing and innovative environments

  • Managers of managers needing to effectively cascade the culture and strategy of an organisation or a challenging vision for change, while inspiring, mentoring and coaching their teams

  • Senior managers and C-levels operating in complex environments and needing to inspire and lead people to deliver on an organisation’s vision balancing the focus on short- and long-term strategic objectives.

Design is a funny word


Design is a funny word

Our leadership interventions provide the specific skills and mindset that moves leaders to greater success and creates lasting value for their organisations through:

  • Enabling personal awareness - through the usage of sound multi-rater and 360 feedback, and personality assessment tools

  • Experiential learning - because learning is only effective when it is integrated in a person’s practices and mindset

  • Working with leaders rather than on leaders - we use a coaching ethos and approach to facilitate discovery rather than telling leaders what to do

  • Integration with practice - we ensure that all learnings are carried beyond our leadership programmes to create sustainable legacy

  • Nourish inspiration - providing access to a wealth of articles, podcasts and videos over the course of our development programmes.

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Design is a funny word

Our framework focuses on addressing the following interlinked levels of leadership, asking questions along the way:

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Design is a funny word

How do I lead myself and maintain my inner stability under stress and pressure?

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Design is a funny word

How do I lead and inspire others, engage them, provide direction, and develop their performance?

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Design is a funny word

How do I achieve outstanding team performance, create effective processes and enable cooperation and creativity?

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Design is a funny word

How do I influence beyond my immediate team to communicate a vision, create systemic shifts, and facilitate cultural transformation?

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Design is a funny word

We know that one size does not fit all. At different levels of experience and at different stages in their careers, people require unique leadership development programmes.


Also, each organisation is unique, and is called to address unique leadership challenges to actualize its vision and achieve its goals.


We work closely with HR and business leaders to understand their strategic objectives and co-create with them tailored interventions that leverage on their organisation unique strengths and culture.

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Design is a funny word

We also run leadership development courses that are available for anyone to attend. You can find out more about these in the Leadership Academy section of our website.


Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is the science and art to facilitate leaders performance, development and creativity at work. Coaching is the most powerful tool to enable individual leaders or teams to develop their increase their effectiveness and maximize their potential at work and in life.

Who is Executive Coaching for? 
Coaching is the ideal methodology to develop mindset and capabilities of organisational leaders, middle managers and senior managers in transition towards new roles, or having to achieve challenging objectives in changing and competitive environments.


We provide a service bespoke to every client’s needs, taking a conversational, holistic approach, and offering the opportunity for specialist coaching on specific issues.

We recognize that our coaching clients often have needs across a broad range of areas.

Our coaching programmes can provide:

  • Reconnection with values and purpose at work

  • Improvements in effectiveness and productivity

  • Greater emotional intelligence

  • Enhanced situational leadership

  • Career development and progression

  • Improved performance in a new role

  • Better personal and business relationships

  • Improved energy levels and well-being

  • Successful change management at a personal, team and organisational level


We are proud to offer our clients with an outstanding faculty of senior coaches, recruited and quality-assured through a rigorous international process, that can draw on a wealth of experience across a wide range of disciplines (education, business science, philosophy, psychology and neuroscience) to support their clients with the same professional standards all over the world.

Team Coaching

Effective teams are the ultimate competitive advantage in a complex and fast-changing business word. Team coaching brings individuals together to develop their skills, awareness and efficiency, leading to enhanced creativity, increased alignment and a focused overall performance.

Who is team coaching for?
Team Coaching is for real teams at managerial, director and C-levels needing to deliver creative decisions while improving their dynamics, culture and relationships at work.

It is often used to support the formation a new team, to enable boards and functional teams to articulate their strategy more effectively, to facilitate top teams in a phase of change, turmoil or turnaround, or - more simply - to enhance effectiveness and creativity of teams responsible for strategic projects and functions.

How Does It Work?


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Whilst our team coaching programmes are bespoke, each is broadly structured around the following five steps:

  • Establishing the team’s objectives with the leader

  • One-to- one sessions with each team member to establish personal objectives

  • A series of workshops over 6-12 months to establish and embed new working practices

  • A ‘launch event’ where the team establishes its own development agenda

  • Review progress and ensure sustainable development.

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Additional one-to-one sessions can be offered to team leaders as well as individual team members in order to support their development.

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Design is a funny word

Every team is unique and faces unique challenges. Team Coaching programmes are tailor-made to match the specific requirements of each team. Our systemic team coaching approach, usually delivers:

  • Understanding of what is expected from the team

  • The ability to deliver team objectives.

  • Creation of a success model and measures of that success

  • Increase trust, mutual accountability and effective working relationships

  • Development of a team’s culture, relationships and results

  • Clarity of the team’s purpose and principles.

  • Improved communication and more efficient meetings.

  • Recognition and use of each team member’s talents and skills

  • Sustained motivation and confidence.

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Design is a funny word

Team Coaching requires a tremendous amount of different skills in addition to advanced coaching abilities: understanding how teams form and develop, being able to read team dynamics on the spot and provide meaningful feedback and observations, being able to facilitate creative processes and effective decision making, and a significant dose of emotional stability and direct communication.


We offer our clients only the most senior members of our faculty as team and team facilitators: this ensures the highest quality of delivery and the maximum impact for our client’s investment in supporting, challenging and developing their key teams.


We can develop any programme to meet your specific goals and objectives. Here are some example programme topics.


  • Accountability

  • Personal leadership

  • Relational leadership

  • Team leadership

  • Organisational leadership

  • Leader as Coach

  • Leading through change

  • Leading in a matrix structure

  • Women in leadership

  • Leading through complexity and fragmentation

  • Finding your meaning and purpose as a leader

  • Inclusive leadership

  • Legacy leadership programme

  • First line leadership programme

  • Senior leadership programme

  • Congruent leadership

  • Trust based leadership

  • Leading at your edge

  • Ethical leadership

  • Board readiness


  • Creating a leadership culture

  • Organisational leadership strategy

  • Creating a coaching culture

  • Tools for assessing and developing organisations

  • Strategy definition workshop

  • Organisation values identification & definition workshop

  • Culture, values and corporate reputation

  • Creating meaning and purpose

  • Governance: how to have the righ conversations


  • Assessment Centers

  • Coaching effectiveness

  • Complete coach

  • EQI 360

  • Competency framework

  • Leadership model

  • Talent pipeline

  • Organisational culture assessment

  • Leadership 360 degree feedback

  • Leadership talent assessment

  • Executive team accelerator

  • Team performance accelerator

  • Team climate scan

  • MBTI assessment

  • Insights discovery assessment


  • Agile transformation

  • Senior leadership offsites

  • Strategy facilitation


  • 1:1 coaching

  • Team Coaching


  • Building and leading an effective team (meaning, purpose and values)

  • Team building/development

  • Leading virtual teams

  • Team facilitation

  • Team formation accelerator

  • Team booster

  • MBTI team workshop

  • High performing teams

  • Cultural Effectiveness

  • Creative Facilitation Techniques

  • Stress and Resilience