Coach training

We provide a range of development programmes that help people to either become executive coaches or develop their leadership and coaching skills.

As well as learning about leading coaching theories, concepts and techniques, participants benefit from a high degree of practice and feedback and are given the opportunity to consider how coaching may inform their leadership style.

The types of training we provide include:

Accredited coach training

This falls into two categories:

Team coach training

Team coaching can be one of most challenging coaching disciplines, and learning how to be an outstanding practitioner involves focused development and practice.

To facilitate this development journey, we stagger team coaching modules progressively. We structure the programme over a series of learning events including workshops, action learning sets, self-study, coaching sessions, tutorials, supervision and practical sessions.

Training is delivered by highly-qualified professionals with extensive experience of coaching senior teams. By the end of the programme, you will be in a position to help teams achieve extraordinary business results.

We offer team coach training both in-house at your organisation, or to individuals via our team coach training open programmes.

Leader as coach training

Over the last ten years, executive coaching has been increasingly recognised as a highly effective method for improving development, staff retention and employee engagement. In essence, good quality coaching helps leaders achieve the best from themselves and their staff.

Our ‘Leader as coach’ programme focuses on developing a leadership style that embraces coaching. We teach participants the practical techniques and theoretical models of effective coaching and challenge them to examine their personal leadership approach. This leads to the discovery of practical ways to integrate coaching into their daily responsibilities as a way of increasing the performance and engagement of their teams.

Specialised executive coach training

TPC Leadership runs a range of specialised executive coach training courses. These are aimed at coaches who already possess some degree of training and experience. The courses are available at three different levels:

  • The Upgrade Programme is for organisations who want to create certificated Continuing Professional Development (CPD) routes for their internal coaches. It takes a group of individuals who have already completed basic coach training and teaches them an advanced set of coaching skills.
  • The Advanced Programme is for organisations who would like to develop their coaching provision, but do not require further formal certification. It helps coaches move from a transactional style to a transformational style and is especially useful for those who wish to produce a more dynamic result from their existing coaching pool.
  • The Refresher Programme is primarily about reconnecting with core coaching skills. It has been designed for coaches who have been away from the coaching field for some time or for those who recognise the need to give their coaching skills a health check.

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