Coaching and leadership in healthcare

We are proud of our track record of delivering a wide range of innovative programmes with public and private health organisations. Our support enables them to nurture cultures that deliver high-quality, continuously-improving, safe and compassionate health care.

TPC Leadership has pioneered coaching training for the healthcare sector and is leading the development of health coaching and the clinical application of coaching within health and social care systems. We also have extensive experience of developing leadership and organisational development capability.

As the health system focuses more on increased self-care and shared decision-making with patients, and as clinicians are required to take a more significant role in managing colleagues, TPC Leadership is leading the way in developing programmes that can be applied to – and help improve – patient care.

Below are the bespoke programmes we’ve developed through our extensive experience of working within the health sector:

Health coaching

Health coaching is designed to support people to effectively self-manage, while delivering substantive benefit to health and social care economies through more efficient use of resources. It combines coaching methodologies with psychological and behavioural change interventions to enable transformative conversations in health and social care settings.

Through our programmes, practitioners can learn to use health coaching mindsets, skills and techniques in conjunction with their expert knowledge to enable service users to become more activated and take greater responsibility for their lives.

Our programmes are deeply rooted in the principles of person-centred care, producing health coaching solutions that value the resourcefulness of service users, and enable health care professionals to deliver compassionate, high-quality care.

Coaching for clinicians

With clinicians being increasingly required to lead and manage teams of clinical colleagues and to supervise junior staff, coaching and mentoring skills are becoming increasingly relevant. Our Coaching for Clinicians programmes are aimed specifically at clinical managers and people in clinical leadership roles, increasing the effectiveness of their work with colleagues from medical, nursing and allied health backgrounds. During our workshops, participants are introduced to the key skills of coaching and mentoring and taught how to apply them in a clinical working environment.

Coaching for social care

We work with organisations to enable them to integrate health and social care in communities, and change the dynamic between people using services and service providers. Our aim is to enable systems to deliver on their ambition to provide person-centred, coordinated care, designed to fit around the person’s health and social care needs.

Our programmes are based around positive psychology methods that help workforces and patients to leverage their own skills in order to improve independence and wellbeing over the long term.

Clinical leadership

Most clinicians are promoted into leadership roles without having had the opportunity to develop their leadership capabilities. Our clinical leadership programmes aim to help them to develop the knowledge, skills and mindset they need to move from expert clinician to clinical leader. We work with organisations to design bespoke programmes that develop clinical leaders who are effective, inspiring, and can transform systems while remaining true to their values.

Co-productive leadership

Our Co-productive leadership programmes are designed to help people working in health and social care develop the capacity to work more co-productively with the communities they serve. This approach recognises the value of engaging service users and the wider community as active partners in the design and delivery of health and social care services.

Practitioner wellbeing

The many pressures of delivering care and the rate of organisational change in health and social care environments creates enormous pressure for practitioners. Many practitioners are consistently being tested to their limits, and in some areas staff health and morale is severely impacted. For organisations this creates enormous challenges for staff engagement, absenteeism and retention.

Our Practitioner Wellbeing programmes enable practitioners to develop skills and mindsets that can increase their resilience and help them to maintain a sense of meaning in their work.

Coaching for clinical supervisors

TPC Leadership has a long history in the provision of supervision services for coaches, and the development of coaching supervisors. We are pleased to also offer our skills and insights for the development of clinical supervisors. The work of clinical supervisors can be greatly enhanced through the integration of a coaching approach into their work. With more staff in their systems trained in coaching, it is highly advantageous for clinical supervisors to understand the theory, techniques and mindset associated with a coaching approach.

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