Drive Performance in Transformation

Understand how to measure success

How can we learn from performance measurement?

Performance can be measured by results in facts and figures. But the reason for good results usually lies in the team behind it - good leaders, motivated teams and a sense of meaning and purpose across the organisation. These have a much bigger impact than simply 'cracking the whip' and pushing staff to achieve. Cultivating these qualities is key to providing sustainable benefits and growth.

How can we help?

We start with an assessment of the organisation's culture and key leadership performance indicators, to give you a baseline position on which to measure success. We'll look at, for example, values, cohesiveness, leadership styles etc. We then work with you to develop an appropriate action plan to address key areas of concern. The measures we put in place will then enable you to assess the effectiveness of your transformation and adjust where necessary.

Solutions to drive transformation through performance measurement

Leadership Assessment

Assess your leadership

An organisation cannot perform at a level higher than the consciousness of the collective leadership. Great leaders embody the culture needed for a successful and sustainable business. We work with you to discover how effective your leadership is, how strong your collective leadership is and ask whether your leadership is future proof.

Performance KPIs

Identify and monitor performance KPIs

How should you define KPIs in an continuously changing environment? Traditionally the leadership team defines organisational objectives derived from the mission and vision. Then they set the framework for how these will be met by each department, including the measurable results (department KPIs). But it is easy to overlook the broader impact of these KPIs and targets on organisational behaviours. We can consult on and facilitate this process with focus, clarity and speed.

Sustainable leadership

Measure the sustainability of your leadership

Forward-facing leaders do not evaluate their success in terms of profit and market share alone. They measure the broader issues of relationship, seeing other people grow, value creation and social capital. They balance purpose, people, the planet and profit - and understand and harness the synergies between them. How should an organisation embody that? We work with you to show you that it may be easier than you think.

Looking for other services?

Leadership Development Services

We engage with your leaders, teams or organisation to build capabilities, drive business success and enable people to find meaning and purpose in what they do.

Leadership Coaching Services

Our coaching services help to liberate potential in you, your teams and your organisation.

Leadership & Coaching Academy

Leadership courses and accredited coach training programmes that empower you to lead with purpose.

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