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Today’s unpredictable world, characterised by disruption and constant change, requires different leadership, that starts with asking different questions. Since 2000, we’ve helped leaders across a wide range of industries and sectors around the world inspire and deliver results in their organisations.

BW - Reinier Labadie

Managing Partner, Zurich

Reinier’s passion lies in contributing to the development and innovation potential of people and organisations and in connecting the dots.

As a management consultant at Deloitte and EY, Reinier has served multiple Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 Clients across the fast-moving consumer goods, retail and high-tech sectors, where he has worked with the global and regional C-suite and management teams of his clients in both a consulting and a coaching capacity. Reinier is an accomplished management consultant with more than 20 years’ experience in working with his global clients in delivering strategic planning, performance improvement, risk management and compliance assignments.


Partner, Zurich

Marcus is a seasoned leader with extensive management experience in large corporations working in diverse cultural environments around the world. He is a bold and innovative leader who isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo, invest in people with new ideas, and manage ambiguity to create business value.

Marcus has significant experience in business transformation, with a focus on co-creating solutions to engage people in long-term change journeys. He has coached extensively throughout his corporate career and, more recently, as a transformational and executive coach for private clients. His ambition is to help create a generation of business leaders who can lead with purpose to create a better world for all.

BW - Louise Ronnerdahl

Associate, Zurich

Louise’s coaching approach is holistic and involves body, mind and spirit, but always with an eye on achievement rather than only the therapeutic lens. She works with people who are curious about exploring their thoughts, behaviours and emotions as vehicles to remove self-limiting beliefs and explore the outer boundaries of their potential. Louise’s experience as a management consultant, investment banker and leadership coach spans across three continents and 90 countries.

BW Marc Schoenes

Associate, Zurich

Marc’s group facilitation style is highly experiential, warm yet provocative, putting participants through deeply impactful experiences that heighten their awareness, equip them with practical tools, and create a determination and commitment for sustainable and meaningful growth – on both a personal and a team level. Since 2012, Marc has directed his own coaching and training practice, focusing on leadership development and increasing team effectiveness. He has coached executives from 15+ nationalities, logging more than 1000 coaching hours, and worked with very diverse teams across functions and industries.


Associate, Zurich

Katerina has learned to integrate different approaches in her practice and uses various coaching techniques combined with a holistic psychological thought model to immerse the client into the experience. For this reason, she often integrates virtual reality as an additional tool that complements and enhances gestalt & body-centered psychotherapy and coaching techniques. As an organizational psychologist, Katerina has eleven years of experience in accompanying and supporting people who find themselves in challenging life and work situations. She has delivered leadership training for high potentials and middle management in different industries.


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