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Rodrigo Lolato

I am passionate about human development and growth. I keep stretching myself to expand my view about myself, others, organizations and the bigger context.


Rodrigo believes in a human potential that we all have to achieve great things. Coaching, training and partnership on feedback are essential to help bring that potential alive to be more fully expressed day after day. Expanding awareness and building skills in order to develop themselves and make use of this inner wisdom and capabilities are fundamental in order to deal with today’s challenges in all areas of life. All this is done in a comprehensive partnership with the customer, in a constructive way to create positive and lasting change.

Leadership Development Experience

Rodrigo is a consultant on organizational and human development, trainer and executive coach. As coach, he contributes to development of people, helping them to achieve their full potential, act in high performance and therefore deliver better results. He works in all levels: personal, interpersonal, leadership and organizational. He also supports the “art of hosting” network, which aims to build collaborative leadership processes based on collective intelligence, promoting higher engagement and better results.

Other Relevant Experience

Rodrigo had an impressive career of rapid ascension as an executive in operations in large multinational companies, on which his development was accelerated by intensive trainings in the US and Europe. He assumed his first management position on the age of 25, and later, a high-level leadership role at the age of 27. As an executive, he worked as operations manager for South America, in which he conducted significant cultural transformations (including lean manufacturing) and expressive business results (including business turn around award in 2010).

Rodrigo is Director and Master Trainer at Vital Smarts. He also teaches MBA classes at Franklin Covey Business School.

Education, Qualifications and Certifications

  • Graduated as Industrial Engineer at UFSCar, MBA in Leadership, Masters in Psychology.
  • Trained as a consultant with EcoSocial Institute
  • Trained as a coach with Coaches Training Institute in Los Angeles and with EcoSocial in Brazil
  • Trained in Psychosynthesis by the Psychosynthesis Center
  • Trained in Collaborative Games by KDP Kepler 
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with ICF
  • Trainer and Practice Leader for Productivity at Franklin Covey


Portuguese, English

Contact Details

Linkedin: Rodrigo Lolato