In the 4th episode of The Leadership Sessions, Tom Van Dyke, Senior Partner at TPC Leadership, and Eelco van Eijck, Managing Partner at executive search firm Amrop in Amsterdam.

“Building a personal brand and staying authentic, it’s the paradox of executive authenticity”

Their discussion focuses on managing the delicate balances between crafting an executive brand while also managing to deliver leadership authenticity, and the opportunities of striking the right cultural and inspirational notes while navigating the complexities of improving diversity and inclusion.

On authentic leadership and building an executive brand:

  • “I’m sometimes surprised how also more senior executives get locked in somewhere they can’t be themselves”
  • “Step into a culture that fits with who you are and where you can develop and explore yourself”
  • “You can choose for yourself – start somewhere you can be yourself”
  • “If you hate wearing ties, don’t work for a company that insists you wear a tie”
  • “Is this really somewhere I’m long-term happy?”

On the duality of being and doing:

  • “Building a personal brand and staying authentic, it’s the paradox of executive authenticity”
  • “How can I progress and develop myself whilst staying close to who I am?”
  • “Leaders with terrible teeth – how can you expect your people to be operational excellence experts when you can’t manage your personal care at the right level?”

On diversity and inclusion:

  • “Sorry, I’m a white man – the diversity topic is very actual”
  • “When you are a white male in northern Europe, age around 55 and you lose your executive position, it’s really hard to find a new role”
  • “White male, 55, it’s really hard, you’re not adding to the diversity drive…”
  • “There are still system failures happening, for women, it’s still more difficult to make a career”
  • “I dare say that companies that really have leadership diversity have a better and more appreciated culture”
  • “The dual CEO, comprised of a male and female, it’s inspirational for both genders”

The Leaderships Sessions is a podcast series of captivating conversations with exceptional leaders from around the world sharing their insights, experiences, thoughts, and personal opinions about what leadership means and what it takes to be effective.

Eelco van Eijck, Managing Partner Amrop in Amsterdam. Founded in 1977, AMROP is one of the world’s largest international retained executive search networks with the widest geographical coverage of any executive search organization. For four decades, Amrop has been advising dynamic organizations on identifying Leaders For What’s Next – adept at working across borders, in markets around the world.

Tom Van Dyke, Senior Partner at TPC Leadership. TPC Leadership TPC Leadership is a dynamic global partnership specialising in leadership solutions that deliver cultural transformation and financial impact. With offices around the world, covering 100+ countries, a network of 350+ partners, consultants and associates from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, TPC Leadership delivers transformational leadership solutions in service of people and business results.

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