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It’s a long way to the top, and there are many opportunities to discard the essential elements of ourselves along the way. The challenge is to keep growing and developing without becoming something we are not. In the 1930s Marion Milner wrote A Life of One’s Own, a powerful work about identity, identifying what’s important to you and remaining true to yourself. It’s a book that is still relevant to nearly 90 years later and
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Het verband tussen geluk en een doel in het leven
Het leven is onvoorspelbaar. Zelfs met een goed uitgedacht plan weten we nooit van tevoren wat ons te wachten staat. Er zijn zoveel factoren en onbekende situaties die ons leven bepalen. Vergelijk het met varen op zee: het liefst heb je je schip en de golven volledig onder controle en kom je geen verrassingen tegen. Dat maakt je reis een stuk gemakkelijker. Je hoeft je geen zorgen te maken over gevaarlijke scheepswrakken of dat je
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executive coaching programmes for individuals

February 27, 2019

The link between happiness and purpose

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Life is unpredictable. We never quite know what’s going to happen to us, even with the best laid plans. There are so many factors involved, so many unknowns. When you’re sailing out to sea, you might wish you could control the ocean. It would certainly make things easier. You wouldn’t have to worry about shipwrecks or getting lost in a storm. The wind could keep blowing at a steady pace and you could be sure
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In an age of echo chambers and generational divide, reverse mentoring strides onto the scene, turning over hierarchies and proclaiming new strategies. The evolution of an idea A term first made popular by Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric, reverse mentoring seeks to partner a senior employee with a junior one, so that the younger can teach the older. The original motivation behind this was to enable the senior workers to become versed
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Qu’est-ce que l’impact personnel ? Dans ce billet, nous allons définir ce concept et voir en quoi il peut améliorer vos compétences en Leadership. Selon le dictionnaire, l’impact est “L’action d’un objet entrant en contact avec un autre avec force : avoir une influence ou un effet marqué; un effet fort.” Les dirigeants d’aujourd’hui semblent reconnaître qu’une partie de leurs outils essentiels en matière de leadership consiste à créer une impression durable, et que la
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