TPC Leadership Belgium is looking to extend its team of experts with 2-3 new ‘Associates’ to join our growing business by 1 March 2018 latest. Thank you for your interest by applying, or forwarding to someone for whom this might be just it.

Our Context

Launched in the UK in 2000 as ‘The Performance Coach’, TPC Leadership today is a global leadership development consultancy with 15 offices on 5 continents. The total TPC Leadership community consists of app. 250 highly-acclaimed experts. We believe the world would be in a better place, if it were in the hands of better leaders. Our mission is therefore to inspire a stronger leadership in our client organisations. Based on our unique approach, combining head, heart, solid professionalism, and a spirit of abundance and generosity, we are lucky to see our business grow. We support large organisations in private, public, and non-profit sectors. I opened the Brussels office in 2013 and most of our clients are located in Belgium – even if increasingly we build client relationships across borders. We support them through interventions such as coaching (of individuals and teams), leadership development trainings, and leadership consulting. All our client work is designed tailor-made, and (in Belgium) delivered by a team of currently five exceptional freelance experts. We are supported by a Business Support Manager who manages admin, projects, and marketing.

Next to these client assignments, we are also an accredited coaching institute, offering a portfolio of leadership & coaching skills training courses. Feedback from our extremely diverse body of Alumni often reads that it has been the best and most truly transformational leadership experience they have ever had.

We offer an infrastructure (local and global support, brand & marketing, sales, a knowledge system, a global network of 15 offices on 5 continents and a network of ~250 experts) above and beyond what experts typically achieve in a smaller or independent set-up.

Revenues (in Belgium) last year were around €250k and we expect to reach €300k this year, and the business is profitable.

We are ambitious – to make a difference.

The case for change

With an increasing volume of work, we need more capacity, and an even more diverse palette of areas of expertise in the team to service our clients against the highest quality standards. We want to expand our team of experts, so our clients have an even wider range of options to choose from, and so we can start up projects quickly.

Your profile

  • You are passionate about leadership development. Your passion translates to the inspiration of others: you are an outstanding, recognized expert in at least some of the sub-domains (coaching, mentoring, facilitating, consulting, training). You make a difference the moment you join the conversation. You are the kind of person that clients still speak of, months and years after you worked with them. You create deep impact in people, teams, and organisations. You do so, because you are inspired and held by our values. You want to make a meaningful difference, and you want to be part of something bigger. Money is not the goal, it is an outcome of the value you create for clients. You treat everyone with the respect they deserve, and you look after the wellbeing of our people, our clients, our planet, and yourself.
  • You are used to the highest professional standards, and you ideally bring relevant professional qualifications & certifications.
  • You are self-employed and are happy to work as a freelance expert / subcontractor for TPC Leadership. We do not expect any level of time commitment from you (but are happy to offer you a higher revenue share in case you do); we are happy to have the conversation about the ‘road to Partnership’, if after some years you are willing to fully commit to growing the business.
  • You are fluent (written & spoken) in EN, and in NL and/or FR, familiarity/affinity with Belgian market is a plus. Ideally you are based in Belgium and can indicate your desired level of travel.

Your role

First and foremost, your role is to design and deliver client work.

Sometimes you will be invited to support the development of proposals and join pre-sales conversations. This time and effort is unremunerated, however compensated through priority staffing in case the assignment is won.

Most often, you will be invited to join the conversation after the sale has been concluded (this may also originate from TPC Leadership Partners operating abroad e.g. NL, FR, UK…). Through a ‘Letter of Intent’, we stipulate the fees (mostly a pre-defined % of revenues), terms and conditions of our collaboration. With the active support of our Business Support Manager, you will design, prepare, organize, and deliver work against the highest standards expected by our clients. You do not need to manage the client relationship. You are not expected to sell, and do not work against any quantified targets.

Internally, you are not expected to take up any internal (TPC Leadership) responsibilities. What we do offer however is internal learning opportunities, quality control (before your first staffing: 1 full day ‘Development Centre’ as entry assessment, fit check, induction, and detailed feedback; regular intervision and supervision sessions), and the opportunity to join global TPC Leadership ‘Practice Areas’ – our centres of excellence where we gather and develop our topical expertise.

We work mostly virtually, and meet at the client’s or in our Brussels co-working space.

Any potential conflicts of interest (competition, confidentiality) will be dealt with through pro-active, open, adult-to-adult conversation.

Want to know more?

Please contact me at or +32 473 94 00 64.

Thank you for your interest.

Warm regards,
Managing Partner TPC Leadership Belgium