Why Leadership Consulting?

Consulting has many connotations, and they are not always positive. Still, in today’s complex world, consulting is more relevant than ever. We observe that on many topics, organisations oftentimes need punctual, strategic, expert advice that would be inefficient and ineffective to insource. Over the past decades, consulting in such areas as Corporate Strategy, IT, Finance, Operations… has become mainstream. Can you name a strategy consulting firm? Probably. IT consulting firm? Likely.

Yet how many Leadership Consulting firms can you name..?

And still, Leadership Is The New Black. Senior managers in public, private, and NGO arenas would agree that across functional areas, leadership is the key to developing a competitive edge. A recent BCG publication demonstrated once again that “companies with strong capabilities in leadership and talent management outperform those with weaker capabilities”:

Leadership chart

Leadership is not only strategic, it has become systemic. Leadership development is more than developing individual people skills. It’s about aligning processes, systems, and people to create the desired Leadership culture.

Leadership has become strategic, and systemic: it is now firmly on the CEO Agenda, and has outgrown traditional HR. Could it be that for too long, we have assumed that optimizing certain HR processes (Recruiting, Learning & Development, Comp&Ben…) in isolation would automatically yield the desired strategically aligned outcomes in terms of leadership, as if Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’ were involved?

In practice, many of your current leadership interventions could be strategic. An executive coaching track, a team coaching track, a leadership assessment, a cultural intelligence survey, an MBTI certification, a leader-as-coach accreditation…all of these could be strategic. And in the 17 years of our existence, we have been lucky to find ourselves working with clients where it was all strategically aligned.

However to be fair, we have also found ourselves in client conversations where the bigger strategic leadership picture was lacking:

Observed strategic misalignment 1

Lack of clarity on the desired leadership culture, or on the desired leadership model.

Typical client realities

  • ‘Leadership culture? We do performance reviews in January. We have these difficult conversations to tell people how people did versus the key competencies, they get their bonus, and that’s pretty much it’.
  • ‘I have seen a leadership model somewhere, but it’s too complex for people’s day-to-day’.

Observed strategic misalignment 2

Lack of coherence between different interventions.

Typical client realities

  • ‘We already have our long-standing partner for those trainings’.
  • ‘Procurement says we need to work with a pool of minimum three providers’.
  • ‘Yes but this comes from our local budget, not from central HR’
  • ‘I read about this model one day and thought my whole team should do the same’.

Observed strategic misalignment 3

Lack of coherence between Leadership and systems/processes

Typical client realities

  • ‘IT is not ready with the implementation of the new Performance Management Tool, but we’ll go ahead anyway’
  • ‘Sales use a different appraisal model, but here in Operations we have developed our own’

All of the above realities reduce the learning. They increase the gap between intent & impact. A non-integrated approach to Leadership Development reduces HR’s ROI.

There is in other words a fantastic opportunity out there to approach Leadership in a more strategic, holistic, integrated, multi-disciplinary and yet pragmatic way than is often done today. This is why in 2015 we at TPC Leadership have decided to start doing exactly this, by putting strategic focus and aligning resources.

What is Leadership Consulting?

Leadership Consulting looks at leadership as a strategic enabler for organisational goals. One way to look at it is by following a step-by-step approach which, summarised, looks like this:

  1. Understand CEO agenda
  2. Leadership Audit
  3. Develop Leadership Agenda
  4. Plan and implement leadership interventions
  5. Monitor and measure

The benefits of this process are numerous and will be felt throughout your organisation over the long term. These include:

  • Aligned and role-modeling top team
  • Engaged middle and front line managers
  • A leadership pipeline in place
  • Knowing you have the right people in the right places
  • More time to focus on wider business objectives and less time managing conflict

Leadership Consulting increases the ROI of any learning intervention by making sure that every building block builds the strategy house.

Why us?

  • We have 17 years of experience in Leadership Development, and know the power of each intervention separately
  • We have the right people to integrate these interventions and see the bigger picture – we are a mix of professionals with senior line management experience across industries; consultants from top strategy consulting firms; graduates from the world’s best business schools; scholars who have worked with the most highly acclaimed academic authors in the field of psychology and leadership
  • We are proudly ‘glocal’: global reach to tap into a wide array of expertise; local with our own ‘boots on the ground’ on 5 Continents
  • We combine head & heart – combining the cool of analysis with the warmth of humanity

Want to start integrating?

Contact us today.


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