TPC Leadership was established in 2000 in the UK by Charles Brook, one of Europe’s most highly regarded business coaches. In 2011 it was developed into a global partnership to deliver the same outstanding quality and cutting-edge approach internationally.

Today we have offices in 13 countries, covering more than 50% of the world’s GDP. Within these offices we have a network of associates, all of whom are exceptionally skilled individuals with a wealth of knowledge and expertise spanning many cultures and industries.

Our Belgian team

A few years ago, Charles Brook approached Tom van Dyck asking him whether he would be interested in opening up an office in Brussels. Tom accepted and started building a team of highly qualified and experienced coaches / trainers / facilitators. As the business grows, we may select new team members.

Today the team locally consists of the following core team:

Tom van Dyck, Managing PartnerTom Van Dyck

Tom van Dyck is Country Manager of TPC Leadership Belgium. He has managed teams successfully for nearly 10 years in large multinational corporations, and this sparked his interest in coaching. Contact Tom first when you would like to discuss your query. He can then consult locally and internationally to see who else – if not himself – would be the best content expert to manage your project.

More information: LinkedIn / Biography (PDF)

Deborah LacherDeborah Lacher

Deborah Lacher’s holistic approach to coaching and team development is based on finding the strengths and spikes of individuals rather than the typical symptom of focusing only on the development needs. She is passionate about supporting individuals and teams to become conscious of their motivation factors, strengths and potential. Next to being an expert trainer, coach, consultant, and facilitator, Deborah is also Programme Manager for our coaching courses in Belgium.

More information: LinkedIn / Biography (PDF)

Valerie VangeelValerie Vangeel

Valérie’s passion is to help those companies and organisations which believe that business is about leadership, values and most importantly about people. She does this through strategic advice, change management counselling and support, and individual or team coaching, in line with the vision and the values of the organisation.
More information: LinkedIn / Biography (PDF)

Frank ManesseFrank Manesse

Frank Manesse’s passion lies in contributing to the development of people, organisations and business by facilitating a successful journey to achieve personal and organisational growth. He prefers to do this through innovative methods, which are tailored to the client’s needs and in line with the values of the individual or the organisation.

More information: LinkedIn / Biography (PDF)

Stephane VerhaerenStephane Verhaeren

Stephane Verhaeren approaches communication and behaviour through the principles and techniques of Improvisational Theatre. Very interactive and revealing, the approach will favour experimentation, bringing to light the participant’s strengths and pitfalls, facilitating awareness and improving the anchoring of more productive reflexes.

More information: Biography (PDF)

Vanessa De Vriendt

Our Business Support Manager who has been working as an HR Assistant over the past 10 years. She is there to support us as well as our clients and the project management by helping with administrative support, agenda management, invoicing, etc…  She is the link between our clients and us.

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